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From today's Columbus Dispatch:

Smith said he didn’t want to guess Clarett’s motivation because he hadn’t spoken to him in a while.

Besides, "Before, when I was talking to him and had been interacting with him, I couldn’t speak for him then, because he’s sort of unpredictable in situations," Smith said. "But I sit down sometimes and I pray for him, because you never know what can happen to somebody."

Wow, not only does he call Clarett unpredictable, he says he prays for him. Seems do be implying that even he as a friend thinks Clarett is deeply troubled.



Excerpt from Plain Dealer:
Quarterback Troy Smith, who has often spoken of his close friendship with Clarett, said he has not spoken to his former teammate in four months.

"It's a shock to me pretty much, as it is to the rest of my teammates," Smith said of the allegations. "It's sad to finally hear from him and see some negative things like this on TV."

Asked if he would characterize Clarett as truthful, Smith said: "Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. I wish I could give you some more insight into what's going on, but I can't, because I don't know anything that's going on."
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B-Deck, Dogs and Spirits
Man, I was a big MOC guy in the begining...what a diff a year or so makes.

I suppose MOC will get what he craves- the limelight, er, lemonlight in his case.
When people are praying for you like that it does mean something is needed for you in a bad way. :(
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From the same Plain Dealer article that LloydSev cited:

Thom McDaniels, who coached Clarett at Warren Harding High School, puts no stock in the allegations.

"He's challenging Jimmy Tressel's reputation and integrity with his own," McDaniels said of Clarett. "In that matchup, Jim Tressel wins 100 out of 100 times. Whoever suggested or advised [Clarett] to do this, their logic is pretty bad.

"I've known Jim Tressel a long time. There is nothing, not one thing in my entire experience with him, that permits me to believe any of this. Of all the people that I know who are honorable and full of integrity, he stands at the top and at the beginning of that list."

Clarett's High School coach does not believe him either.
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Mirror Guy
Staff member
Smith continued:
"I haven't seen anything around here that would make me believe that Mo was stating facts. Most of us players are struggling to get by, you know what I'm saying. Now that I think about it Zwick must be getting something from boosters because he's rolling around in a Lexus, and has a monster crib over in Easton. He also eats turkey everyday for lunch and we all know that salami is the top lunchmeat. Besides that I haven't seen anything suspicious."

Sorry I couldn't resist. :p
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