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QB Justin Fields (2019-20 B1G Off POY, 2020 Silver Football, 2019 B1G CCG MVP)

Discussion in 'Buckeye Alumni' started by MD Buckeye, Dec 17, 2018.

  1. DaddyBigBucks

    DaddyBigBucks Moderator Staff Member Bookie

    I left out a great deal, including Fields’ running, the scheme, Day’s game-planning, Day’s play-calling, etc

    A lot went into a 2000 yard starter and an 800 yard back up. Most of that is still at the Woody.

    The Buckeyes still have a running game capable of 2800 yards in my opinion. The main reason they might not get 2800 this year is that the passing game just might chew up so many yards that the running game’s opportunities are limited
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  2. 1926Buckeyes

    1926Buckeyes Senior

    Yeah other than maybe yardage it's hard to improve significantly on his stats, especially efficiency and TDs. I could see him posting a statline of 3900-45/7INTs-700/10TDs and actually having a lower rating but being a much better player.
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  3. DaddyBigBucks

    DaddyBigBucks Moderator Staff Member Bookie

    Interesting breakdown of how Justin's mechanics have improved from when he was at Georgia

  4. MGMT

    MGMT Senior

    This was awesome thanks for sharing
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  5. bukIpower

    bukIpower Senior

    Accuracy was always JF's "issue" from UGA... well it ended up being a strength.
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  6. RB07OSU

    RB07OSU #7 aka Vick the human joystick Staff Member BP Recruiting Team

    Exactly, if you just looked at the stat line from an efficiency perspective, you'd think there is little or no room for improvement. But watching him over the course of last season, you could see several areas to improve on, namely anticipation and quicker decision making. The beautiful thing is that's an area that can be easily improved in the film room and practice, and an area I would expect to see an improvement with one year in our system.

    One thing I'll throw out to balance the unbridled optimism some: Olave is a proven star and Wilson looks to be the next superstar at WR. Jameson also looks to have huge upside. But we're going to need some incoming freshman to make the leap and mesh with Fields quickly. We've never had a more talented class come in and the good news is that they are not only crazy talented, but we have at least 3 of the freshman that look very polished and are willing blockers. That should pay off, but with the limitations associated with Covid, I do worry some about the incoming freshman meshing with Fields early on. I'm sure they're communicating regularly to learn the system and maybe they're getting some reps together on the side, but nothing beats live reps in practice. I see the offense being very explosive still and can't wait to watch the freshman WRs, just throwing out some caution.

    To me, that's really the only question mark on the offensive side of the ball. OL should be dominant again, Fields is a Heisman front runner for good reason, Olave and Wilson should be deadly, and Ruckert at TE could be fun to watch if we use him (TE room in general looks great).
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  7. 1926Buckeyes

    1926Buckeyes Senior

    Yeah, I think one thing to remember going into this year is to not expect the offense to be on fire for the first 3 games. If they are, fantastic, but with such a funky off season and young WRs, it's going to take some time.
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  8. MililaniBuckeye

    MililaniBuckeye The satanic soulless freight train that is Ohio St Staff Member Tech Admin

    The first string will be just fine...Olave will be in his third year, and Wilson his second. Williams will also be in his second year...although he didn't have a ton of reps last year he's hardly green.
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  9. brodybuck21

    brodybuck21 THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY Staff Member Fantasy Baseball Champ

  10. ScriptOhio

    ScriptOhio Everybody is somebody else's weirdo.

    He joined Fox Sports’ Big Noon Kickoff and named Fields as his most-explosive player in the nation. Meyer felt that Fields' combination of size and speed allows him to wreck any defensive game plan.

    “He is an elite athlete, but let’s all be perfectly clear now. He is now an elite thrower. To say he was an elite thrower at the beginning of last year, I remember a spring practice when he first went to Ohio State, I thought he was very good. But he’s over the top now. I just think with his athleticism, he’s probably in the top five for speed at Ohio State.

    “You’re talking about a 4.3 and some change, a big 240-pound guy that’s as comfortable as he is. He’s leading. He’s doing all the things you need to be a great football team. And I think he’s No. 1. And I’m going to put Travis Etienne No. 2. I saw him up close and personal. I knew he was explosive, I was surprised how violent he was. He is a violent player. Usually people like that kind of avoid contact. I was so impressed with him.”
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  11. ScriptOhio

    ScriptOhio Everybody is somebody else's weirdo.


    Though Haskins' counting statistics received the most publicity, his efficiency as a 70 percent passer might have the best shot at standing the test of time.

    Prior to Haskins' season that ended with him as a Heisman Trophy finalist, Troy Smith held the record with 65.3 percent passing in his Heisman-winning 2006 season. Haskins' mark ranks 52nd in college football history.

    Haskins' round mark of 50 touchdowns last season could either last decades or be broken within the next few years. The direction of college football impacts this record about as much as any on this list.

    Currently, the 50 touchdowns are the fourth-most in college football history, tying him with Fresno State's Derek Carr (2013) and Oklahoma's Sam Bradford (2008). Prior to 2018, J.T. Barrett held the Ohio State record with 35 passing touchdowns in 2017.

    Entire article:

    Just sayin': Justin Fields had a completion percentage of 67.2% and 41 passing touchdowns in 2019. If Ohio State plays a full season in 2020, he has a real good chance of breaking these 2 Dwayne Haskin's records. If he puts up big numbers in 2020, and by some miracle, he comes back in 2021 most of the current career passing records will be "toast" too.
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  12. ScriptOhio

    ScriptOhio Everybody is somebody else's weirdo.

  13. bucknut502

    bucknut502 Senior

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  14. DaddyBigBucks

    DaddyBigBucks Moderator Staff Member Bookie

    The NFL’s list of the top 32 players in all of college football (next April) will have more Buckeyes on it than that CFN list. But then the NFL list is compiled by guys whose primary concern is being right.
  15. ScriptOhio

    ScriptOhio Everybody is somebody else's weirdo.


    This isn't really something to get angry about on a Thursday morning, but I stumbled across a glowing NFL Draft scouting report of Justin Fields, and it included a rather curious observation about Ohio State's resident ball-thrower.

    The prospect talk at Ohio State begins with Justin Fields, a quarterback I find very impressive. While he’s shorter and smaller than I usually like in a signal caller, Fields has all the other skills to be a dominant starter in the NFL. He’s a talented passer with great patience and poise. He possesses a next-level arm, and while he needs to improve his pass placement, Fields has next-level accuracy. Fields is also a threat to run with the ball, but he does so only when completely necessary.

    For comparative purposes, Fields is a much better passer than Kyler Murray and a much better physical package than Baker Mayfield.

    This is especially odd to me because it's not the first time I've seen it! Multiple people seem to have this #take, and I have no idea how. I'm far from outraged about it I'm just extremely confused how they arrived at that observation.

    Because... Well...




    Maybe the prototypical height and weight is undersized these days!

    Entire article:

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