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the song, welcome to the machine, does in someway's relate to the whole going before it's time thing......at times it's been good....and it also get's bad...I hate to loose MoClair, but I feel overall, good or bad for college football, it's necessary.


Administrator Emeritus
Welcome tomwal. I'd say you're right. If Maurice wants to be somewhere other than OSU then that's where he should be ... elsewhere. It would be nice if he loved the college experience and the team experience at OSU but that is obviously not the case.

On a related note, I saw Pink Floyed in concert at Ohio Stadium.
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Pimp Minister Sinister
DHB: "I have been told that was the last concert in the Shoe that was sold out."

It was impossible to get tickets for it - U2 might've been sold out a few years later (I'm not sure), but tickets were a lot easier to get for them than for Floyd. The concert was in 1993, and the campus went ape sh*t for it. They had a lottery for tickets, but the applicants were all over the place. I didn't get tickets, but I was outside the 'Shoe camped out and heard the concert (I also had a good view of the left side of the stage). That was my freshman year of college. C can shed more light on this because he was at OSU the same time as me.

One of the highlights of the show was David Gilmour mixing Neil Young's Ohio into the guitar solo of Run Like Hell.
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I was there for both...U2 definately did not sell out. it was a great show though...even more so since I had a great number in the lottery and was in the 20th row. for Floyd, I was in the first row of C-deck.
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Will Bryant
Staff member
I didn't get in on Pink Floyd either. I did get in for U2, and I thought that was a great show as well.

Found a pair of tickets for the Stones concert in a mud puddle outside Bob Evans (lol) and after we couldn't find the owners and the BE manager didn't want to take them, we just went.

That was a pretty good time, although the background singer on Gimme Shelter was amazing. Not bad for a free concert.

Now Woodstock '94. There was a concert. Best I've seen Nine Inch Nails live, and despite Pearl Jam pulling out over the Ticketmaster battle, it was an incredible event. Plus I got in free and was getting paid to be there, so that didn't hurt either. :wink:
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Wears Scarlet-colored glasses
"That was a pretty good time, although the background singer on Gimme Shelter was amazing. Not bad for a free concert."

What song do you think was playing in my headphones as I read this? That's never happened before.
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