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Well, that's like hypnotizing chickens.
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Tech Admin
I was hoping he was too busy to get them done... That way I could have done them... Where would I find a line on the Iona/Duquesne game?
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Herbie for President
That's it I'm changing my email... and going into hiding (I like my chicken head right where it is :tongue2: ).

I've got the games and spreads... will post them shortly.

Also, I have written down the scores for last week. I now need to update the list, and move folks around accourding to the new ranks... I've been very busy this week, and will more than likely be busy again today... I'll get last weeks results up asap (which might not be that soon :( )...


ps, at least I didn't get attacked via PM... the first two weeks, I was getting PM'd left and right... folks I really cannot use PM in the office, please don't pm me unless you have to (if you want a response... if you are notifying me of something it is fine... I can read them, I just cannot send them)...
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