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OSU vs. Kansas State Matchup


Let the cards fall...
Well guys, what do you think about this matchup? I am excited for this game, Kansas St. has a very good football team and we do not have a history against them. This game reminds me of the Sugar Bowl a few years ago when we played Texas A&M. I look forward to hearing what you all have to say about the matchup.
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That sums up how I feel. Well not only is it KSU, but it's KSU in the Fiesta again. Tough for our players to get up fo rthis one me thinks.
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It ain't easy, bein' cheesy.
If the players can't get pumped up for a BCS game, then we've got a problem. Yeah, we could have been given a higher-caliber team to play but we've got the only team to beat Oklahoma. The Fiesta bowl is still a good chance to make a statement and end the season on a high.
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I heart Wendy Peffercorn
I think that they will get up for this. Maybe not as much as a couple other possibilities, but its still primetime bcs baby! BCS 2 years in a row!!! A lil' different than outback 2 years in a row, huh?

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I give up. This board is too hard to understand.
Losing to scUM will be eating away at the team...... I feel sorry for KSU. I'm not crazy about the match up but I'm not disapointed..... this will be a good game. KSU has an explosive (at times) offence and a good defence that dominated Oklahoma.
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Wolverine is largest member of weasel family
I'm not worried about the team not being up for the game. The coaching staff and seniors will have everyone ready and pumped. The nice thing about ending a couple weeks before the B12 championship game is two extra weeks to let injuries heal and for the coaching staff to go back and correct any problems that need fixing before they find out who the opponent is.

This should be a good matchup. KS is coming off a big win and OSU has something to prove.
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keeping tan
Looks like it will be a great game, but I'm bummed that Our Bucks won't be playing in the nearby Joe Robbie, er, Pro Player Stadium versus a team that we all love to hate.

Bowden looked a little bummed on TV, too. The SI website has a story called "Eating Leftovers" that talks about how disappointed Coker and Bowden are.
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Buckeye Planet Old Fart
Frankly, I'm glad we are playing Kansas State. I've proved they have a good football team so we will have a good game.
The comparison to the Texas A&M game is a good one.

Even more so, I'm glad their coach's team gets to play our Buckeyes. Bill Snyder reminds me a lot of Woody personally and what he has done for the Kansas State program is also much like what Woody did for us in the early 50's. Snyder is a no-nonsense coach who brought his program from total obscurity to a team to be reconded with in a tough conference. He is also kind of a groumpy old fart who doesn't appear to think a lot of the press. Like Woody.
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Clt I kind of have to disagree. Yes Snyder did bring that program up from nowhere but he did it buy not playing anybody. I can't think of at program that has had more expectations every year and can't follow up with them. I am looking forward to this game though I just wonder how the fans are going to be.
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I would have preferred scum south in the orange bowl. The interest in that game would have been huge and we could have shut up the grassy scum once and for all. I had a little let down when K-State was announced.

I think we had better bring the "A" game because they looked impressive against Okie.
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Herbie for President
I'm happy to be in a BcS game.... I think KSU rose just like Cryami (read cheated/bought players/etc), no way a program like Ohio University (in a state loaded with talent at the highschool level) could ever rise to be ranked top ten in the country.... that is what KSU did.... NO WAY can you do that without some funny business IMO...

Back to the matchup... they run a lot (good thing for us), however their D kept OK (the real OU is in Athens, founded in 1804) from scoring, and our O isn't exactly at the OK level... prob. lower scoring game... the Bucks have a chip on our shoulder after the loss to scUM, not to mention being a 6.5 point dog :hatepc:
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