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OSU Football Trivia -- need volunteers

Discussion in 'Buckeye Football' started by Clarity, Nov 14, 2004.

  1. Clarity

    Clarity Will Bryant Staff Member

    Those of you who were able and willing to try the chat out during the Purdue game got to play with the bot's trivia functionality a bit.

    As it seemed to be received well, I would like to really add a ton of new categories to it. So I'm looking for anyone (the more the better) to step up and toss some out.

    Anything related to Ohio State. With a focus on football and the athletic department, it can really be anything. Also, on the football end of things, we can extend out beyond to ask general I-A trivia like "list all the members of the Big XII", etc.

    The format is below, as are all the questions we already have in place. Let's get creative with this one. It would be nice to have a few 100 categories. Please format your additions in the same way!

    Buckeyes in the College Football Hall of Fame (last name only!)*harley*stinchcomb*fesler*jones*zarnas*willis*horvath*amling*daniell*janowicz*cassady*parker*thomas*griffin*stillwagon*ferguson
    Name the teams OSU faced in the 2000 schedule, including bowl (for example; 'nebraska', not 'cornhuskers' or 'nu')*fresno state*arizona*miami of ohio*penn state*wisconsin*minnesota*iowa*purdue*michigan state*illinois*michigan*south carolina
    Name the teams in the Big XII (for example; 'washington state', not 'cougars' or 'wsu')*baylor*colorado*iowa state*kansas*kansas state*missouri*nebraska*oklahoma*oklahoma state*texas*texas a&m*texas tech
    What years did OSU win the Rose Bowl?*1949*1954*1957*1968*1973*1996
    Top 15 career pass receptions leaders (first and last name)*david boston*cris carter*gary williams*dee miller*john frank*michael jenkins*joey galloway*billy anders*ken-yon rambo*doug donley*jeff graham*brian stablein*bobby olive*buster tillman*reggie germany
    What years does OSU credit itself for national championships?*1942*1954*1957*1961*1968*1970*2002
    List the teams OSU faced in the 2003 schedule, including bowl (for example; 'nebraska', not 'cornhuskers' or 'nu')*washington*san diego state*north carolina state*bowling green*northwestern*wisconsin*iowa*indiana*penn state*michigan state*purdue*michigan*kansas state
    List the Big Ten team names (for example; Blue Devils)*buckeyes*wolverines*hawkeyes*fightin' illini*hoosiers*nittany lions*wildcats*boilermakers*spartans*badgers*golden gophers
    List the years OSU had undefeated/untied seasons (minimum 8 games)*1944*1954*1968*2002
    Name all the bowls OSU has played in (just the name, don't include 'bowl'.  for example; 'humanitarian')*fiesta*outback*sugar*rose*citrus*holiday*hall of fame*liberty*cotton*gator*orange
    Name the teams OSU has beaten in bowl games (for example; 'nebraska', not 'cornhuskers' or 'nu')*kansas state*miami*texas a&m*arizona state*brigham young*pittsburgh*navy*colorado*southern california*oregon*california
    Top 10 career tackles leaders (last name only!)*marek*cousineau*spielman*tovar*johnson*washington*thompson*cobb*doss*gradishar
    List the Big Ten teams (no abbreviations or team names)*ohio state*michigan*iowa*illinois*indiana*penn state*northwestern*purdue*michigan state*wisconsin*minnesota
    What years did OSU have a Heisman Trophy winner?*1944*1950*1955*1974*1975*1995
    Top 10 single season rushers in yards (first and last name)*eddie george*keith byars*archie griffin*tim spencer*pepe pearson*raymont harris*jonathan wells
    Name the teams OSU has played, but never beaten (for example; 'nebraska', not 'cornhuskers' or 'nu')*air force*auburn*alabama*carlisle indian school*centre*clemson*cornell*florida state*georgia*princeton*south carolina*tennessee
    List the years OSU had 10+ win seasons*2003*2002*1975*1979*1996*1998*1995*1954*1968*1973*1993*1974*1986*1997
    Name the teams in the SEC (for example; 'nebraska', not 'cornhuskers' or 'nu')*alabama*arkansas*auburn*florida*georgia*kentucky*louisiana state*mississippi*mississippi state*south carolina*tennessee*vanderbilt
    OSU Heisman Trophy Winners (first and last name)*les horvath*vic janowicz*howard cassady*archie griffin*eddie george
    Top 10 career sack leaders (last name only!)*vrabel*simmons*finkes*kumerow*johnson*diggs*katzenmoyer*bailey*kacherski*smith
    Top 5 career interception leaders (last name only!)*sensibaugh*bruney*white*provost*colzie
    List the teams OSU faces/faced in the 2004 regular season schedule (for example; 'nebraska', not 'cornhuskers' or 'nu')*cincinnati*marshall*north carolina state*northwestern*wisconsin*iowa*indiana*penn state*michigan state*purdue*michigan
    Name the teams in the 'new look' ACC (for example; 'nebraska', not 'cornhuskers' or 'nu')*clemson*duke*florida state*georgia tech*maryland*north carolina state*north carolina*virginia*wake forest*miami*virginia tech*boston college
    Name the teams in the Pac 10 (for example; 'nebraska', not 'cornhuskers' or 'nu')*arizona*arizona state*california*oregon*oregon state*stanford*california los angeles*southern california*washington*washington state
    Top 15 career passing yards leaders (first and last name)*art schlichter*bobby hoying*joe germaine*greg frey*steve bellisari*mike tomczak*jim karsatos*stanley jackson*don unverferth*craig krenzel*rex kern*kirk herbstreit*cornelius greene*tom tupa*john borton
    List the years OSU was outright Big Ten champions*1984*1979*1975*1970*1968*1961*1957*1955*1954*1944*1942*1939*1920*1917*1916
    Name the teams OSU faced in the 2002 schedule, including bowl (for example; 'nebraska', not 'cornhuskers' or 'nu')*texas tech*kent state*washington state*cincinnati*indiana*northwestern*san jose state*wisconsin*penn state*minnesota*purdue*illinois*michigan*miami
    Top 15 career rushing yards leaders (first and last name)*archie griffin*eddie george*tim spencer*keith byars*pepe pearson*carlos snow*michael wiley*raymont harris*calvin murray*jim otis*howard cassady*jonathan wells*pete johnson*bob ferguson*ron springs
    Name the teams OSU faced in the 2001 schedule, including bowl (for example; 'nebraska', not 'cornhuskers' or 'nu')*akron*ucla*indiana*northwestern*wisconsin*san diego state*penn state*minnesota*purdue*illinois*michigan*south carolina
    Name the OSU head coaches with a win percentage over .700 (first and last name)*john eckstorm*perry hale*albert herrnstein*howard jones*francis schmidt*carroll widdoes*woody hayes*earle bruce*john cooper*jim tressel
    Name Buckeye head coaches (last name only!)*tressel*cooper*bruce*hayes*fesler*bixler*widdoes*brown*schmidt*willaman*wilce*richards*vaughn*jones*herrnstein*sweetland*hale*eckstorm*edwards*hickey*ryder*lilley
    Name the teams OSU has played MORE THAN ONCE, but never lost to (for example; 'nebraska', not 'cornhuskers' or 'nu')*washington state*texas tech*texas a&m*san diego state*rice*pennsylvania*oregon state*oregon*ohio*new york*nebraska*navy*muskingum*miami of ohio*louisville*louisiana state*kentucky*heidelberg*fresno state*columbia*colgate*brigham young*bowling green*boston college*baylor*arizona state
  2. BuckNutty

    BuckNutty Hear The Drummer Get Wicked Staff Member Bookie

    Cool Avatar. :biggrin:
  3. DiHard

    DiHard Guest

    we also found out in the chat yesterday that bucknutty is a closet s&m lover..... :slappy:

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