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Opposing fans: You may be next, so celebrate quietly!!

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Be water my friend.
I have to imagine that fans of other programs (USC, Michigan, Miami come to mind) are celebrating this recent smear campaign that ESPN has put out against OSU and Coach Tressel, but remember....

at some point ESPN is going to move on. Every university has disgruntled ex players, and all it takes is a sensational story and some hack with a tape recorder and a degree in keyboarding from NSEW St. Community College. Truth or not, at some point it's going to be someone else's turn to be dragged through the mud with twisted stories and smear tactics.

We fans need to remember this when it's someone else's turn, especially if ESPN is doing the story.


Head Coach
You know I was thinking....... how come they didn't blow the Ron Zook thing outta proportion? I mean he went and almost started a fight with a frat house? Or how about Miami letting williams still be on the team after all that trouble he was in? come on now......
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Be water my friend.
Not you, of course.

But Spielman just got off the phone with some guy from the Ann Arbor news and he said "people here (Ann Arbor) are taking it pretty well. Opposing fans are always going to smile when one of their rivals has some trouble."

The opposing fans on this board are knowledgeable and do nothing but add to the conversation.

I'm talking about the "unwashed masses" out there :biggrin:
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