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Ohio State fight song remix!!!


Capo Regime
Staff member
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The North Remembers
what the fuck!

mixing that shitty "yea!" song with The Ohio State Marching Band is a damn disgrace.

I think I'm going to go cleanse my ears with a butcher knife to ride my mind of such horrible sounds. I may be traumatized for life.

Damn man, who the hell wants to hear that fag Usher sing and Lil Jon yell "yea" over an OSU fight song?

Nice effort though, I'm sure it took some time. But adding an overplayed, lousy song to a fight song with such tradition just isn't right.
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21st Century Buckeye Man
Staff member
It probably took alot of time and energy, but that was the most god-awful mixing job I have heard. I doubt that we will see Tara Reid on an Extreme Makeover show and in the same respect our fight song shouldn't be messed with either.
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