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2022 OH ATH CJ Hicks is a (Captain) Buckeye!!!

Discussion in 'Football Recruiting' started by Smudger, Apr 7, 2020.

  1. HotMic

    HotMic Mr. so-and-so Staff Member BP Recruiting Team

  2. Buckeye86

    Buckeye86 I do not choose to discuss it

    • Birm mentions his transformation from a shy, reserved player/person from a year ago
    • credits talking with coach Washington/Day and having the goal of being a team leader
    • currently 220 lbs.
    • stuck with OLB in junior season and credits consistency at the position for improvement (versus playing SS and being all over the field as a SO)
    • goal for the ‘22 class to be the best ever
    • mentions Xavier Nwankpa as a player he’s recruiting in the class
    • mentions Kaden Saunders as a player they’re close with (and will be competing with in a 7v7 in Arizona this weekend) even though he’s committed to Penn State
    • mentions the player group chat being a factor in staying close with other players
    • trying to get together a big visit soon (Dasan McCullough is frustrated that he hasn’t been able to see Ohio State), Birm mentions it will probably be around the spring game
    • Coombs/Washington compare him to Browning and Werner as coming off the edge and dropping in coverage in the defense
    • the coaches don’t provide much feedback on players to target—mentions he and Dasan went after Quinn Ewers, Jaheim Singletary... mentions targeting Kyion Grayes and Xavier Nwankpa (again)
    • credits Dasan McCullough for initiating the contact with Quinn Ewers
    • mentions Quinn Ewers and Gabe Powers as quiet, while he and Dasan McCullough and Jyaire Brown are outgoing, mentions he is close to Jyaire when Birm highlights especially that Jyaire is interesting and likes to talk
    • feels like it’s better to get everyone together to host prospects, and they coordinate that through the group chat
    I like how Birm basically gives advice at points... that they should probably coordinate with the coaches on players to target and that CJ should use camps to recruit other players even though they don’t matter to him as a committed top 50 player.
  3. ScriptOhio

    ScriptOhio Everybody is somebody else's weirdo.

    Ohio State commit C.J. Hicks, a four-star linebacker from Dayton (Ohio) Archbishop Alter, is the latest addition to the Polynesian Bowl roster for the 2022 game.

    "Getting a chance to play in this game is amazing," Hicks aid. "I've always wanted to play in it."

    In addition to getting to go to Hawaii and compete against some of the top high school football players in the world, the unique part about this game is that it is a week-long celebration of Polynesian culture. That allows the players on both rosters, who represented many different backgrounds and parts of the country to experience that culture and all come together.

    "I feel like it’ll be fun. It’s a great opportunity to learn new things," Hicks said. "I haven’t been to Hawaii. I think getting to be around a new culture and it’s always good to learn new things."
  4. HotMic

    HotMic Mr. so-and-so Staff Member BP Recruiting Team

    OV June 4th per Kurelic
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  5. HotMic

    HotMic Mr. so-and-so Staff Member BP Recruiting Team

    I hate April 1st

    Last edited: Apr 1, 2021
  6. HotMic

    HotMic Mr. so-and-so Staff Member BP Recruiting Team

  7. HotMic

    HotMic Mr. so-and-so Staff Member BP Recruiting Team

  8. ScriptOhio

    ScriptOhio Everybody is somebody else's weirdo.

    “I give 110% at everything that I do,” Hicks said. “No matter what it is, I’m gonna work on it. And I’m a leader too. So if somebody needs help, I’m gonna help them. Even helping them can also help me.”

    Off the field, the man known as “Captain Buckeye” is also working hard at recruiting more top players to join him in the Buckeyes’ class of 2022. He wouldn’t say on Sunday who those players are. But he did say Ohio State fans should expect good news after a large group of visitors spend the first weekend of June in Columbus for what has been dubbed “Buckeye Bash 2.0.”

    “After the visit, we’re gonna have a bunch of commitments,” Hicks said. “For sure.”
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  9. Bestbuck36

    Bestbuck36 Kyle Young man crush. Not ashamed

    How can you not love this guy! Give him #36 and see if he builds his name as greats who've worn it.
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  10. HotMic

    HotMic Mr. so-and-so Staff Member BP Recruiting Team

  11. ScriptOhio

    ScriptOhio Everybody is somebody else's weirdo.

    On Sunday, Hicks was recognized as one of the top linebackers in the camp.

    “It was a blessing,” he said. “Gabe and Dasan were both injured, so I had to go out and do my best.”

    Hicks confirmed it was the first time he had met his future linebacker teammates Powers and McCullough.

    “It was cool,” he said. “This was my first time seeing Gabe and Dasan. I see Tegra and Jyaire a lot. I will see them next week at the spring game, too.”

    Hicks received his offer in April 2020 and verbaled to the Buckeyes on May 1, 2020. Before and after, he has received just over 30 offers including from the likes of Alabama, LSU, Oregon, Clemson and much of the Big Ten.

    He talked about how he became friends with various prospects online and noticed McCullough, also a national top 50 prospect, had mentioned Ohio State. The two struck up an online friendship.

    “Once I committed, I was going on Instagram one day,” Hicks said. “I had already followed him. I was scrolling through my highlights and I saw he had all of his schools up there and under Ohio State it said ‘LBU’. I took a screen shot of it and said, ‘If it’s LBU, why don’t you come and be a part of it.’ He said he would think about it.

    “He eventually committed and it was great to finally meet him in person here.”

    Hicks has done his best to help Ohio State recruit players for the 2022 recruiting class. That 11-man class is currently ranked No. 1 nationally in the 247Sports Composite rankings. For his efforts, Hicks was named Captain Buckeye by his fellow recruits.

    “I like it,” Hicks said of the title. “I feed into it on social media. Building a class, it’s me and Dasan and everybody. Guys gave me that title, but honestly it’s the whole class.”

    Hicks said he is looking forward to the June 4 official visit weekend, when the Buckeyes will be hosting a handful of key prospects.

    “After the visit, we are going to have a bunch of commits,” he said. “It’s going to be fun. I’ve never met Quinn (Ewers) or Caleb (Burton) or some of the other recruits. It will be good to meet them in person.”

    The 6-4 Hicks is in the middle of the spring track season. He talked about what he is working on right now.

    “Just being mobile and gaining weight,” he said. “I’m 218 right now. I’m trying to stay between 215 and 220 because I’m still running track. Next year, I’m going to start at running back, play some at receiver, kick return and linebacker.”
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  12. pnuts34

    pnuts34 Drunk off of wolverine tears

    I love hearing about this kid. I'm going to try my hardest to catch a Kettering game this season. He's going to be a monster at OSU, imo.
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  13. RB07OSU

    RB07OSU #7 aka Vick the human joystick Staff Member BP Recruiting Team

    Captain Buckeye is the best Ohio LB I've seen on film at his stage in HS in a very long time...I legit think he's a top 5 player overall nationally, he's that good. At the risk of side tracking this thread, I'm 32 years old and I haven't seen a better film from an Ohio LB... closest was D'Andrea and Freeman. Add on that he's such a great kid and recruiter, and I think we're going to have one of our all time favorites with this kid.
  14. MaxBuck

    MaxBuck 2014 National Champions!

    I hear what you're saying, and I don't necessarily disagree, but Dasan McCullough has the potential to be even better. And that should frighten the remainder of the B1G.
  15. HotMic

    HotMic Mr. so-and-so Staff Member BP Recruiting Team

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