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Observations regarding Penn State (Comedy)


Z --> Z^2 + c
Staff member
Penn State, as I'm certain everyone is aware, sometimes gets called "Generic U" They are fairly no frills, no player names on Jeresy's, no fancy color scheme - just plain white and blue, no stickers for the helmet, no logo on the helmet.. you get what I mean..... All that nothwithstanding, PSU is probably the greatest place for sexual enuendo... consider:

Happy Valley - 'nough said
Beaver stadium - Ummm... yeah... You know, when it's raining in August, it's safe to say that the Beaver is both Hot and Wet.... sometimes even sticky
The Nittny Lion, in some circles, is considered just a pussy cat

Curtis Enis - Nothing like big ol Mr. Enis pounding holes. During his last year, PSU relied heavily on Enis runs. Say what you will about his NFL "career" but at PSU he came hard, and came often.
But, Enis eventually left.... so what did PSU do? It tried not one, not two, but THREE Johnsons....

Big Johnson's. Little Johnson's. All have been welcome in Happy Valley. While not everyone likes three Johnson's in the same Beaver, you cannot deny that is/was a sight to behold.

Yes, sometimes reality is funnier than fiction.


Hall of Fame
Joe Paterno was something similar to WoodY Hayes in the fact that they always surrounded themselves with quality coaching. But this trend at Penn State has fallen on hard times. When Penn State was an Independent school in the early 70's they were feared because of the schedule they played. And JoPa was in his prime and almost was interested in running for govenership in Pennsylvania. But now it is all different and I hope that the program does not fall on its face as many people fear that it will. I sure would not want to see Joe go out like Woody did.
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Herbie for President

You mean chasing after refs after a game???

He will not hit anybody, but he has shown a bit of a temper two years ago... he was better last year... they love him in Penn. land. He could still prob. run for gov. and win!!
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