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Notre Shame must get the Black Athlete

Sloopy, it's been great debating with you today. Although I think you may have a distorted view on how blacks feel regarding racism and the fact that it's talked about as frequently as you think. I quickly thought of five things that 5 random blacks would probably talk about and racism was not on the list. I'm sure my list isn't far from what 5 white males would talk about:

Jennifer Lopez's ass

Except you might substitute number five on the list for politics.
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I know I said I'd drop the issue, but I was pretty surprised that anyone was offended by what I said. When I say that what Hornung said was true, I mean that. Just as with my comments, I feel that most people totally misinterpreted Hornung's statement. He was not, as has been suggested, saying that he felt that all black athletes are incapable of academic success, nor was he saying that white athletes are incapable of being good ballplayers. I believe the correct interpretation of his statement is that many of the nation's top-flight skill position recruits are - like I said - (a) black, and (b) not exceptional students; at least not up to Notre Dame's standards. Clearly there are exceptions, but to suggest that that is not the true meaning of Hornung's somewhat poorly chosen words is foolish. Plain and simple. Again, Hornung may be a racist - hell if I know. But that statement was, in my mind, not racially fuelled.

Now I'm done.
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From what I have heard I thought Horning actually said he meant that as a compliment of football ability but he worded it wrong. Also I have heard he has no history of any racism actually just the opposite.

I also heard this - That his statement was a slap in the face to white athletes!
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"I also heard this - That his statement was a slap in the face to white athletes!"

Well, when whites (almost 70% of the general population) can get as many athletes on a proportional basis on sports teams as blacks (about 20% of the general population), then they can feel insulted.
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