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North Florida Preview

Discussion in 'Buckeye Baseball' started by JCOSU86, Mar 7, 2005.

  1. JCOSU86

    JCOSU86 JCUSN91 Staff Member

    The Ospreys have a pretty cool website with a lot of information about their team at:

    The are currently ranked #21.

    Here is a write-up of their last game, a victory over scum Jr.

    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (March 5, 2005) – The University of North Florida baseball team scored eight runs in its last three at-bats to pull away from Michigan State on Saturday in a 12-4 win at Harmon Stadium.
    The win was the fourth in a row for the Ospreys (12-6) and fifth in their last six games.

    “It’s good to get a win against a Big 10 team,” UNF head coach Dusty Rhodes said. “It was a tight game early, but we finally put it out of reach late with a couple of home runs.”

    UNF has hit eight home runs over the last three days and has outscored its four opponents in the Kennel Club Classic 32-11.

    Mike Fryrear helped lead UNF’s offensive charge with a 3-for-3 day that included two RBIs and a run. Brennan Grogan, Jon Skorupski, Brooks West and Josh Howard each collected multiple hits for UNF in the win.

    Michigan State (3-2) grabbed an early 2-0 lead against UNF hurler Jacob Dixon, but UNF countered with four runs in the bottom of the third. Grogan started the scoring with an RBI double that plated two and Skorupski followed two batters with his first of two home runs. His blast to left drove home Grogan and gave the Ospreys a 4-2 lead.

    Spartans designated hitter Alan Cattrysse chased Dixon in the sixth with an RBI single that drove home two runs.

    Jared Incinelli (1-1) came in to shut the door on Michigan State, earning the win with an inning of scoreless relief. Mike Takashima (0-1) took the loss for Michigan State.

    UNF scored a pair of runs in the bottom of the sixth on a Michigan State error and a wild pitch, before Grogan made it an 8-4 game with a home run to right. The homer was his second in as many days and third of the season.

    Skorupski helped the Ospreys top off the scoring in the eighth with his second home run of the game.

    The Ospreys will continue play in the Kennel Club Classic next week when they host future Atlantic Sun Conference opponents Belmont and Campbell on Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively.

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