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Next year/State of CFB


I know we still have tons of football to play this year but after watching so many games this year I am very optimistic about next year.

In my mind there are no teams that are clearly unbeatable:

NC beats Miami
FSU loses twice
OU has had some struggles (and I think they lose White??)
USC looks beatable. Would love to see them match up against Wisky
UGA plays one good game a year

and so on and so forth.

To my point.... the 85 schollie limit is (IMHO) impacting the game. Plus, we have some very good coaches in the college ranks right now that even above average teams can easily challenge the "elite" teams.

So, having said all that, I think we have a coach that understands all this. I believe he always has a consistant plan to win each game we play. I believe he will adjust his staff for two reasons: One, he MUST see the deficiencies? And two, I believe AG will insist he make changes.

Thus I anticipate significant improvement in the RB position next year. I believe TG and SA can be the most potent WR corps in CFB. I think our DBs will be very good....although I hate to lose Fox. Our DL will get better. And whomever our QB is (I am thinking we are going to see JZ) will have time to make a big leap. Our OL will improve and I think we are already seeing it. And what can you say about our LBs.

Couple all that talent with JT's approach and some changes in the coaching staff and I am totally stoked for next year.

Of course, I want to beartPU and scUM this year first:wink2:
kn1f3party said:
I'd like to see what Peterson can do when his offensive line goes to the NFL. Oklahoma loses a lot more than Jason White next year.
Adrian Peterson is a special player, as is Mike Hart. Both of them have the luxury of a great line, but when they get hit, they are extremely talented at finding ways to keep driving and often break free for big gains after contact.

I have protested the all-out praise of Leinart/Bush and White/Peterson because of the luxury of having Heisman-esque players on each side of the attack to neutralize the defense. However, I am officially on the White/Peterson train today after watching White throw lights out.

I think Peterson will not be able to go over 200 all the time, but will still be a special player. And I have a hard time envisioning a poor OL at as good of a recruiting school as OU. They'll be rebuilding to a degree, but I bet they reload and fight to win the Big 12 again.
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