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New Contract for Tressel!?


Staff member
On a link on Bucknuts (that I am not smart enough to know how to post here) it says the Gieger and Tressel are working on a new deal that should be finished sometime next week. This is a very classy move and well warrented by tOSU. The article did say that Gieger refuted that notion of making Tressel the highest paid coach in the Big Ten. I would have to think that of all the coaches in the Big Ten he should be the highest paid but that I guess is just me. Anyways, I hope it does what they said the purpose of it was and create job security, like it was ever in doubt, but that will only help with recruiting. It will be like when kids commited to Penn St., they knew that they would be playing for Joe Pa, not the guy who replaces him in a few years.


Administrator Emeritus
Here's your link AG

New Contract

It easy to post. Just copy the URL from the page you want to link to:

Then when you are posting here, click the "http://" button just above the "Your Reply/Post" box in the vB Code section.

It'll ask you to name the link (I called my link "New Contract") Then in a following screen it'll ask you to type in the URL. Just paste in the URL you copied earlier.

Have the contract details been made public yet? I hope we've locked JT up for a nice long time.
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