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NCAA to Meet With Baker

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It's about time. From the Dispatch:

Booster, NCAA to meet today

Baker part of probe into OSU football


The NCAA will interview Ohio State booster Robert Q. Baker today in Columbus, athletics director Andy Geiger said yesterday.
Baker is the man who last spring gave quarterback Troy Smith an unspecified amount of money, a violation of NCAA rules. On Dec. 20, Smith was suspended, sitting out the Alamo Bowl on Dec. 29.

He also might have to sit out the opener Sept. 3 against Miami University.
In November, the NCAA opened an investigation into OSU based on former running back Maurice Clarett’s allegations of coaches arranging for players to receive cash from boosters and players being paid for no-show jobs.
Investigators were in Columbus in December and interviewed coach Jim Tressel and others. Geiger said this was the first time the NCAA has been back since then.

He said he had no idea of the investigation’s timetable.
"(The NCAA) hasn’t shared (anything) with us,’’ Geiger said. "There’s nothing new in terms of any allegations. We have not gotten any other tips or any other ideas of stuff that’s out there that’s unknown.’’
Referring to Baker, Geiger said, "There’s not another shoe that’s going to drop. What we know is what we know about this guy.’’
Baker, of Springfield, did not return a phone call yesterday. In the Dayton Daily News on Dec. 30, he said he would cooperate with Ohio State in the investigation and declined further comment.

NCAA spokesman Kent Barrett said he could not comment on specific cases. But he confirmed that anyone’s participation in an investigation was voluntary.

The NCAA does not have any legal power to force people to cooperate.
He did say that in general, it bodes well for a university if all parties cooperate with investigators.

Geiger has said Ohio State planned to sever all ties to Baker, including stripping him of his share of a suite on the 35-yard line in Ohio Stadium and barring him from purchasing tickets or having any contact with the football program.


Buckeye Beach Bum
Eventually, I believe tOSU will come out looking OK in this investigation. From the information I've read, there isn't anything pointing at other serious violations. If anything, it may be something minor that comes out of this.
ESpin is looking more like a tabloid. Remember, Espin is and enertainment network and doesn't rely on sports facts to keep it going (eg. Mark May and Trevor). Espin relies on sensationalism.
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blissfully stupid
this will be the scariest part of this investigation. if we're in trouble, we'll know after his interview. hopefully ts is the only current buckeye this guy has had dealings with. lets also hope he doesn't try to drag anyone down with him. ala MoC.

gregorylee... we know his name, where he used to work, and where he currently lives (area wise). dude... you can't find him with that? you need to brush up on your stalker skills me thinks :wink:
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