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I've always liked them
Python Sticks Head Between Rental Car Driver's Legs

<TEXT id=txt_posted>POSTED:</TEXT> 6:12 pm EDT June 28, 2004
<TEXT id=txt_updated>UPDATED:</TEXT> 12:32 pm EDT June 29, 2004

<!--startindex-->MADISON, Wis. -- A Madison man found a slithery surprise Sunday when a ball python stuck its head out from between his legs while he was driving a rental car.


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"He was completely in shock," said Officer Laura Walker, who responded to the scene. "I mean he said he was lucky he didn't crash the car."

When Walker and animal control officer Tim Frank arrived at about 4:30 p.m., the 2 1/2-foot constrictor snake was coiled around the seat's base, Walker said.

With some effort, Frank removed the black and gold snake and took it to the Dane County Humane Society, which will put it up for adoption after seven days if no one claims it, Frank said.

The man had rented the car the night before and had driven it to Milwaukee and back and around Madison Sunday, Walker said.

The snake was slightly dehydrated and was probably there for at least a week, Frank said.

The snake was tame and likely hand-reared, Frank said, adding that ball snakes are very common pets.

Sgt. John Radovan said the driver had no idea how or when the snake got into the car.

"Before he left he told the officer that he was going to expect a free car rental," Radovan said.