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My overall view on recruiting for tOSU.

Discussion in 'College Football' started by crazybuckfan40, Nov 26, 2004.

  1. Okay so where to start. Well lets start with the schlorship count. It has been said we have nine left, but if Houston gets a 6th year we have 8 left, but in Peterson's chat the other day when he said that we needed so many of each position it added up to where we would have ten left. So we know we have anywhere from 8-10.

    Qb's - We got the good one that we needed. Robbie is going to be a great at tOSU and hopefully the prediction from the elite 11 camp comes through that says he is most likely to win a national championship.

    Rb's - Right now we don't have any commits, but we are in on some good ones.

    1. Mo Wells - He had great visit and I believe he is ours to lose as he says Usc's depth chart scares him and he now believes he will be utilized in a good way at tOSU.

    2. Snoop - I believe we are a long shot with him, but anything can happen if we get a visit out of him who knows what happens, but he would be a great get, he would come in and start from day one. Only one ? mark and that is his SAT score.

    3. Jason Gwaltney - I think he is our best chance at a big back, as he enjoyed his visit here and the team he is committed too is not all that strong and they play in a weak conference. Usc's depth is very good, Central Florida no chance, and scUM has a lot of depth at rb. I believe we get him.

    4. Javon Ringer - I know how much people around here love him but I just don't see him getting that offer unless we only get one of the top three and that could be awhile before they all decide so I say it is just wait and see with him.

    5. other notables Ford, Collington, Collins, Brinson.

    I think we get Gwaltney and Wells.

    WR's - I believe we have two very good ones in Amos and Hartline. Both have the ability to be game breakers and am glad to see them in S&G. I know the coaching staff would love to have one other reciever, but there aren't many left on the board worth one of our very precious schlorships.

    1. Selwyn Lymon - I believe he is the only reciever that they would give a schlorship to this late unless another big name pops up. I think we have a very good chance because he has been to PU and they are his favorite but he hasnt been to tOSU yet. We will just have to wait and see on this one.

    2. Eric Sledge - not sure if he is a db or a wr so I put him here I believe that our fallback from Lymon could possibly be him, I just don't know how much interest he is getting from us. He would be a good pick up for us, and he is said to favor us.

    3. Robiske - I don't see him getting an offer because wr is just not that big of a need.

    Te's - We arent really going after any and I don't know if they really want one. Our depth is not that great right now so I don't understand why they arent goint after some big names.

    1. Stephan Gowland - not getting much love from tOSU and loves Auburn.

    2. The te from missouri alli - might get an offer but I don't think that the staff is very high on him.

    OL - We all know about the great class we have got coming in so far with Boone, Cordle, and Bemoll. Hopefully they can open up a spot for Taz as he would make this the best o-line class ever. Also I know the coaching staff has their set numbers for ships at different positions and oline is 15 and right now that is how many we have. But what about coleman, wasnt he moved to te at the end of the year. Maybe they believe he will move to te, and why they are not recruting te's very hard and that will open up that spot for Taz. Taz is the only o-lineman they are really looking hard at.

    DL- I believe right now they have a very good class with Williams, Worthington, and Denlinger. They could use one more to add to this group.

    1. Walker Ashley - he seems to change his favorite about once a week, and he has not offically visited us yet, and that could change his mind. We were his favorite for a while and he even thought about committing to us at one point and I believe he will realize this is the place he wants to be in the end. I believe he gets one of our last precious ships.

    2. Sirod Williams - kind of a new name to the game and no one knows much about him. I believe he could be a fall back

    lb's - We need 3-4 and they really have alot of names they are pursuing.

    1. Anthony Felder - I think he is the suprise lb that noone is talking about, but he will sneak up on us and become a buckeye. I believe this because right now we are his last visit and he doesn't seem to have a problem with leaving the left coast as his 3 visits right now are all to places not our west. He did say in an interview today he might take a trip to Oregon. I also heard his mom likes tOSU so stay tuned to this one.

    2. Rico McCoy - I also believe he will be another one to get a ship he is a good player, and really likes the bucks. As we have been one of his top two the whole time while other teams come and go like scUM, Cryami, and now tennecheat. He is just concerned right now with the MoC rumors but the way it looks now is that Espin is truning the corner and backpedaling a little bit with their latest articles, and he has Robbie in his ear to convince tOSU is the place to go. He visits the 3rd so hopefully we get some good news. Also Ashley visits that day so it could be a big day for us.

    3. Austin Spitler - The under the radar recruit that just got his offer and will accept within the next couple of weeks I believe. he is a hard nosed player and is a good pick up for the bucks.

    4. Travis Beckum - Is not very happy the bucks moved his visit back and I no longer believe we have much chance here unfortuanately and he will end up at Wisconsin.

    5. Hodge - I believe he falls into the numbers game as if the others don't commit the buckeyes push for him. I believe he ends up at ncsu.

    6. Daniels - I really don't understand this kid and think he would be a problem at tOSU, if he really wanted to be a buck he would be, have a good career at OU and nice knowin ya.

    7. Lennix - I really believe he will be a late signing in Feburary just like Terry was last year if there is room. He is a wild card because he could play lb or safety.

    8. Laurinitis(sp?) - I believe he stays at MU, just wanting to take a couple of visits.

    DB's - Right now we have two great ones in JamO and Jenkins. I believe they make take 1 or 2 more.

    1. Anderson Russell - he doesn't have big offers but he was evaluated and the coaches liked him enough to give him an offer, that is good enough for me as I trust the coaches. I believe he will accept shortly after his visit.

    2. Chris Rowell - no news on how his visit went but I believe he is a buckeye lean and could also commit soon.

    3. Sean Smalls - I believe the coaches are getting a bad vibe from him why they are offering these other players so I believe he goes to scUM.

    4. Carlos Thomas - don't know much about our chances and I don't believe he will be in this class.

    So after all that I believe we take 9 more in this class.

    My nine are:

    1. Mo Wells
    2. Gwaltney
    3. Taz
    4. Rico
    5. Felder
    6. Spitler
    7. Ashley
    8. Rowell
    9. Russell

    Other high possiblities are Ringer(if one of the other rb's don't come our way), Lymon(we will make room for him), also Sledge,Hodge, and Lennix(if they find room).

    With these guys we will be in the top 5 in recruiting class and next year looks very bright for the bucks.

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