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You kids stay off my lawn!
Pure Conjecture Department: As Viewed from this part of the state, LeBron got away with stuff college bound athletes can't get away with: A Limo for a game in LA, a Hummer paid for by a Sugar Daddy, Replica jerseys, etc, etc. None of it came to much because he passed on college and went straight to the pros.

I think one of LeBron's running buddies was MoC. There's much to suggest that MoC was close to being as good a football athlete as LeBron was a basketball athlete. Did MoC, watching LeBron gather bling bling and cars, come to the conclusion that he could do the same thing?

I know one thing about teen age morality and that is that they are very much in tune with "what's fair for one is fair for all." The subtleties between going pro and going on scholarship would be lost on many kids.

I don't offer this as an excuse for MoC's actions, only as a way of trying to understand why the kid would throw away such a golden opportunity.


You kids stay off my lawn!
No offense taken. The point is that MoC's actions failed to make any sense to most of us... and in the discussions the consensus seemed to be that he acted out of spite and/or a sense that he was bigger than the institution (OSU) and the system (college football).

Maybe he thought he could/should/oughta be treated like LeBron.

I can understand wanting to move on, but I think it's naive to believe that athletes similar in skills to MoC are not continuing to think that what was ruled legal for LeBron should be ruled fair for them also.
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I have misplaced my pants.
cincibuck said:
The point is that MoC's actions failed to make any sense to most of us...
You have a good point, Cincibuck, that it would be nice to know what's going on in MoC's head, and other athletes' heads, as well. And you may be on to something - that LeBron got stuff and MoC thought he could get it, too.

But it may be as simple as the fact that MoC was a teenager. Was he even 19, yet? Do you understand everything you did as a teenager?
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