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media doubting the bucks already


Never Forget 31-0
I personally think that is a fair analysis
BTOWNBUCK: I personally think comparing our returning players and the direction of our program with what Auburn went through last year is not 100% fair, the level of talent at OSU is by far better than the talent at Auburn, the direction of the program is like night and day.

It may be redundant to talk about the media and their lack of respect for OSU but take a look at the rest of the teams on that list....Missouri...Clemson...OSU is in another league compared to those two teams. I believe we have returned to the top of college football and we reload not rebuild, take a look at what we did in 2002 with all those new faces starting.

My opinion is their are not that many questions in reality, the last few years coach T has played countless underclassmen, alot of freshmen. Just because those players didnt start does not mean they are inexperienced, especially on the D line where we rotated 7-8 guys all year, that unit will be fine.

I just think we shouldn't be overlooked and we deserve that top ten ranking because I believe we have a top ten program with outstanding talent coming back. Alot of the kids that havent started at OSU would have started at other places.

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Hall of Fame
I think its a pretty fair judgement and yes there are many questions to be answered. This season will be somewhat similar to 2002 when we did not
know what to expect from Krenzel and McMullen, but we were optimistic
about our defense and hopefull that Clarettt would be all that he turned
out to be. We just have to look at this position with reality.........
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Serenity now
The main differences between Auburn last year and OSU this year:

1) Auburn cannot and has not recruited like Coach Tressel has the last 3 years. 7-5 was pretty good in 01 because the cupboards were bare. I don't see a similar situation with the talent on this team this year.

2) Tommy Tuberville, you are no Jim Tressel
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Let the cards fall...
I really do not consider that dogging the Buckeyes. I think that the questions that were presented were logical ones. I personally think that we are a top ten team this season, but keep in mind that is me looking at it through my scarlet colored glasses.

Zwick and Smith are both as green as any QB in college football this season. Although we graduated several draft picks, I do think that our offensive line will actually be better this season. If you look at our defensive line through the eyes of a reporter you would obviously cite the serious downgrade in PT from the years past. Frasier is the only known name returning, I do believe that Kudla is a budding star, but most reporters do not spot these things because they are busy doing 15 other previews and do not follow the program at our level.

I would rather be the team that writers begin to notice at midseason when we are undefeated than the team who has articles written about them for their serious underachievement.

I love being the hunter instead of the hunted.
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Gert Frobe-approved
I agree with those of you who have pointed out that the questions raised are legitimate questions. Particularly experience and production at QB, OL, and punter. However, I do see it as a bit of disrespect. There is no question that OSU is an elite program. It seems to me that other elite programs are more quickly given the benefit of the doubt when they graduate starters. Maybe I'm imagining this. But this perception is definitely exacerbated, if not created, by the unending stream of criticism that this team has received from most outlets over the past two years, while other programs who were performing comparably or not as well were praised to the heavens.
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Staff member
Former Premier League Champ
I'm with daddy...why would we want the pressure of everyone expecting us to win the NC going in? I'd rather cut down teams week by week, and then let the media say how great we are...not expect it of us before.
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Z --> Z^2 + c
Staff member
The thing that really kills me with these media pundits is Texas.... Every friggin year, it's Texas in the top 10 (usually top 5).... and EVERY year they end up losing 2 or 3 games..... Still, the next year the media keeps on coming back for more..... But, does Texas make this chicks little list? No...

Texas has won exactly NOTHING since upseting Nebby in the big XII championship game in 1996.
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The satanic soulless freight train that is Ohio St
Staff member
Tech Admin
BTownBuck said:
You can count scUM among the teams who lose 2,3,4 games every year as well.

You got that right. Since 1986, Michigan has at least two losses in every year but two (1992, 9-0-3, and 1997, 12-0), including six 4-loss seasons. They also had four 4-loss seasons in a row (1993-1996), and have lost at least three games in nine of the last 11 seasons. In fact, over the last decade they are 94-30, while during the same period Ohio State is 98-28.
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IMO we are underrated but thats fine with me. I have heard that some buckeye players have been asked by fans how good we are this year. Most of the upperclassmen say we are gonna shock people.

That tells me that the players that have seen the talent the last two years seem to believe we are as good if not better than the last two seasons. The 7 on 7 drills have proven a couple of things.

Tony Gonzales is a badass

E.J. Underwood may be the best CB we have had in awhile

We are better at DB and WR than we are being given credit for.

Albert Dukes is tearing it up!!!!

I agree we have some big ?'s to be answered, but IMO we will be better than last year.

The offense cannot get any worse and the return teams were 107th in the nation last year. Hazell will have our return teams looking alot better. IMO we will not have more than 2 losses. If we don't slip in our non-conference schedule we are gonna be tough to beat.
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