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Malik leaning towards UCLA?


All Galaxy
'14 NCAA Pick'em Champ
I've read articles like that for the past year. Who knows what to believe. I do know that he would be more of an impact player here.

In this recruiting batle, I wish OB would go public with his commitment of being here next year. Then again, maybe he's waiting to see what Malik does. Who knows.

You should post that article over on BN. Send them into a panic. :biggrin:
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Recovering Arcade Junkie
I really don't think he knows where he wants to go, and is kind of waiting to wake up one morning and just "know" where he's going. The whole ordeal is getting old and I'll be releived when it's over so we can get on with things.
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Wears Scarlet-colored glasses
I can't stand it when people get all upset when a non-Ohio prospect takes a long time deciding whether to choose OSU or not and then accuse them of being a "drama queen" ala Fred Davis. There is a big difference between Fred Davis being from Ohio, saying he wanted to follow in Drushaun's path, and having his coach wanting him to come to OSU, then going to USC saying he doesn't want to block, and Malik Hariston, from fricking DETROIT for crying out loud, taking a long time to make up his mind and maybe spurning OSU. I wish Malik luck wherever he goes other than scum. I know of nowhere where Malik was actually ever quoted as saying OSU was his leader, and he certainly never said or implied that he was an OSU lock.
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