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Lewis fires Frazier as Bengals' defensive coordinator


Troy Smith for HEISMAN
Jul 9, 2004
CINCINNATI -- Coach Marvin Lewis is tired of watching his defense get pushed around. The Bengals fired defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier on Wednesday, the first change to Lewis' staff since their 8-8 finish. Assistant coach Chuck Bresnahan is the leading candidate on staff to replace him.


I think this is a smart move on the Bengals part.....hopefully now they can make an attempt at stopping the run.


Watson, Crick & A Twist
Oct 29, 2004
SW Ohio
Ironic then at his Monday presser Lewis was point blank asked

"Any chances of changes for any of the coordinators, offense, defense, special teams?"
One word answer - "no"

Then within a couple of days out goes Frazier stage left.

Oh yes:

scooter1369: A d-Coor that gives up 50 to the Browns should never work in the field again.
scooter -- that d-coor in the Browns game they lost was none other than Lewis himself.
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Woody wore Sambas
Feb 7, 2004
kettering, ohio
Glad to see Marvin isn't going to take any halfass performances from his coaching staff. Given his rep as a D-coordinator, I wonder if he intentionally gave Frazier a long rope to hang himself with by intentionally being hands-off as regards the defensive play calling?

If we can draft and sign a couple of good DTs and a stud MLB in free agency, the D should come around nicely.....
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