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Let's say good night to OSU talk of Bobby


Calmer than you are.

The only reason that I don't think that this guy is a complete and total hack, is that he thinks Matta would be a better fit.

I think that Knight would be a great addition to tOSU. What I want to know is, would Matta be even better?

-Knight truly wants to come back to tOSU, and be their coach. I believe that Matta is also interested. He's just not an alum.

-Knight is 63, and will probably only coach for 5 or 6 more years(according to the writer). Matta is 35, and could be a successful coach at tOSU for a very long time.

-Knight runs a clean program. As far as we know, so does Matta.

-Knight would get people in the seats immediately. This is where Matta comes up short. I don't believe that he'll have an impact on attendance until he proves that his program will win(which it will).

-Matta was not fired by the guy heading up our NCAA rules investigation.

His comment about tOSU not needing another distraction in the wake of MoC is pretty ridiculous, but most of his points actually make sense.

I would love to see either of these two coaches come in, but why exactly is Knight a run away favorite over Matta?


Purveyor of Fine Sarcasm
I've had many of the same thoughts myself. If you look at the balance sheet of the athletic department, I think you can see another reason why Bobby Knight is the frontrunner. A few years of 7-8k empty seats at the Schott has to have had an effect on the bottom line. Knight practically guarantees in instant reversal of that trend.

Long term I think we'd be better off getting a guy like Matta or Crean....with Knight, I see us going through another coaching search in 5 years.

re: Miles Brand and his prior relationship w/ Knight. I'm sure there is some friction between the two, but Knight was not fired for rules violations, he was fired for being an embarassment off the court. Hopefully Brand can be the bigger man, but if he can't, that might not bode well for our chances of staying off an extended probation.
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