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I've always liked them
Keyshawn: Female reporter needs spanking

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson said Fox's Pam Oliver needs to be spanked "really, really hard," ESPN reported Monday.

Johnson reportedly made the comments on his Sirius satellite radio show Thursday in response to Oliver's report during the Cowboys' loss at Green Bay on Oct. 24 that Johnson had yelled at Cowboys assistant Sean Payton, ESPN said.

"I almost wanted to get on a plane, find where she is at, and sit her down and spank her with a ruler really, really hard, because it makes no sense," Johnson said on his show about Oliver's report, which he denied adamantly. "You don't need to make up a story."

Oliver told the Dallas Morning News, when asked what she would do if Johnson tried to spank her, "I will punch him in the face.

"My job is to report what I see. I do not make stories up. ... Keyshawn is having a complete denial of reality."

Johnson was a studio analyst for Fox temporarily last season, after being cut by the Tampba Bay Buccaneers.



As studio guy, he couldn't be worse than Michael Irvin. I have to laugh when these talking heads on ESPiN talk about him being in the HOF. He was a possession receiver, nothing more. Considering he was the #1 overall pick in the draft, you could contend he was a bust, being taken that high. Not too mention his antics at Tampa Bay.
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Calmer than you are.
Brett Favre just announced that he is very frustrated with the Packers for not getting Keyshawn to Green Bay, and is demanding to be traded.
Brett Favre has just said that his current team is the most talented team that he's ever played on (even more talented than last years), and that he never said that he wanted to be traded.

He won't be at training camp on time though.
Yes he will.
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