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Jahsen Wint and Amir Riep Discussion

Discussion in 'Buckeye Alumni' started by BuckWrestler141, Feb 11, 2020.

  1. Honor&Glory

    Honor&Glory Paper,Rock, Scissors, Lizard, Spock!

    they are in violation already of the student code of conduct, I believe. not sure there is anything else needed for dismissal. but ill defer to ORD as I believe he is an attorney.
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  2. ORD_Buckeye

    ORD_Buckeye Wrong glass, Sir.

    I'm not, but I frequently stay in Holiday Inn Expresses.
  3. billmac91

    billmac91 Senior

    I’m good with whatever Day does here (indefinite suspension, fully boots them, etc).

    Again, I’d just caution people before immediately wishing rape on these guys in jail.

    People had already wished Hyde injury in prison before the tape of the alleged incident came out, and obviously Duke lacrosse comes to mind.

    Based on the legal system, Amir and JaShen are effectively done at tOSU. Assuming it goes to trial this will play out over a long period of time.

    I have no idea if they’re innocent (I hope for everybody’s sake they are) but I also don’t know that they’re guilty. Think people should slow down a bit before condemning these kids to hell. Just my opinion...
  4. billmac91

    billmac91 Senior

    What conduct code? I’m just curious?
  5. Powair7s

    Powair7s Junior

    This seems much more reasonable then to just kick them out because they were accused. I want the school to look at the evidence and make a decision. Like I said, this certainly seems credible based on them already being personally waiting for all the info before I want to say remove them from school.
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  6. RugbyBuck

    RugbyBuck Our church has no bells.

    While horrible, of course, from an evidentiary standpoint it’s great that they were stupid enough to make the video.
  7. ORD_Buckeye

    ORD_Buckeye Wrong glass, Sir.

    I think Hyde (and Robie) were fundamentally different than this. Both of those instances were misdemeanors (and I'm unsure as to whether formal charges were ever brought in either case), and Urban still handed out indefinite suspensions. Here, we have two players booked, jailed and formally charged with--as I said before--the most heinous felony short of murder.
  8. billmac91

    billmac91 Senior

    Beyond the football team, I assume the school has the duty to protect students as well. I’m not sure Day will even have a say in the assumption is the school will suspend Amir and JaShen as the legal proceedings carry out, and they will enforce some type of policy prohibiting them from campus.

    While I caution people to convict Riep and Wint too quickly I also recognize the risk associated at this point. You don’t want a situation like Alabama where they accept a transfer from UGA where the player was kicked off team for physically assaulting a female, and within a week of being on Bama’s campus, he assaults a female student.

    I’d expect by end of day OSU to suspend them as students first and foremost, making football pretty moot anyways.
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  9. Buckeyeskickbuttocks

    Buckeyeskickbuttocks Z --> Z^2 + c Staff Member

    Well, you don't know that I'm not because no jury has been impaneled yet. And your point about video evidence cuts both ways, was my point. Like I've said, the number of times I've had sex and thought... you know what.. I think I'd better get consent on tape before I go is precisely zero times. And I sure haven't sought to have some crying woman declare her consent to the camera while me and my boy mug it up laughing.
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  10. brodybuck21

    brodybuck21 THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY Staff Member Fantasy Baseball Champ

    This case is a little farther down the line than alot of other instances that people are referencing. Arrest warrants aren't just created on a whim
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  11. Honor&Glory

    Honor&Glory Paper,Rock, Scissors, Lizard, Spock!

    i am not a lawyer so I am not sure. but if the female is a student I believe the forced video falls under the hazing section of the code.
  12. ORD_Buckeye

    ORD_Buckeye Wrong glass, Sir.

    You've just been raped, you're terrorized and desperately want to get out of there. The two guys who just gang raped you shove a camera in your face and tell you to say it was consensual. What do you do? You say what they want you to say so you can leave because you're terrified of what they might do if you refuse.
  13. Drubuck

    Drubuck What time is it?

    Holy shit. Disgustung
  14. ORD_Buckeye

    ORD_Buckeye Wrong glass, Sir.

    Perhaps it's time to merge the two guys threads together, so we don't have dueling threads on the case. You know, as new shit comes to light, man.
  15. billmac91

    billmac91 Senior

    It was about 20 years ago, but in HS sex education, they encouraged boys to get written consent prior to sex with a girl.

    Of course, they pushed abstinence but if you were going to “do it” they suggested having the girl sign off on it. I’m dead serious.....I mean, everyone burst out laughing, the thought is so ridiculous. But it was taught.

    I guess carrying that forward, in today’s age, is it possible they’ve been taught to get recorded consent since everyone has a cellphone? My guess is they have been, although it’s 100% better to get the consent before the sex act rather than after.

    But the idea of asking for consent on cell video is not far fetched to me at all. I’d imagine most privileged men have been taught this technique, although laughable, by experts who view it as the best defense against an accusation of rape.
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