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Jackie or Donna (a modern day ginger or mary anne)

jackie or donna?

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out of chaos comes playoffs
let the great debate rage on.

you are a non-gay version of Gilligan and about to be stranded on an island. you have two choices for your fellow castaway and they are both stars of that 70s show jackie (mila kunis) or donna (laura prepon). who do you bring along and why? i am too tired tonight to answer myself but i will later.

please feel free to attach photographic proof of why you think which one would be a better fellow castaway.


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THINK, Before You Speak
Former College Pick'Em Champ
Typically, I would go with the green-eyed brunette. Jackie is a smok'in hottie who is damn near a Katie Holmes clone.

But, Redheads are intriguing to me. They are either knockouts or total woofers. I've never seen a "decent" looking redhead. Donna falls into the knockout category. I think the voice only adds to her seductiveness. I'll take her.
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Staff member
Donna! No contest. Jackie is way too skinny and has no curves, while Donna on the other hand.... yowza
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