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If we were to play Michigan or Iowa next Saturday ?? Keys for OSU !!


Great 2 B A Buckeyes !!!
After watching this weeks M*chigan vs. Iowa game. If OSU were to play either of these two teams next saturday, what would be the scouting reports for OSU in that game?

>No running game against TSUN
>Way too many mistakes/turnovers/key penalties (sound familiar). They gave the game away more than anything.
>Passed for 264 yds passing
>Alright defense. (#31 Roth pressured alot). Better against run game.

>Chad Henne still has alot to learn. Not alot of touch yet and alot of misreads but still threw for 238 yrds passing. He has alot of potential though
>O-line can break down. Iowa put pressure on Tsun alot.
>Tsun defense gave up 264 yds passing.
>Tsuns' Hart (rb) is pretty good (94 yards rushing)
>Tsuns' Edwards is WOW good.

:osu2: GO BUCKEYES !! :osu2:
I don't care what any expert says our defense is the best in the Big Ten. Michigan is HORRIBLE against the pass they've been burnt big time thus far in 4-5 games. Michigans Offense is very stoppable if you just bring pressure and double cover Edwards. ( Double him cuz its the only person the rookie looks for).
Also come on their special teams is a joke!!! I like our chances any day against them if our defense can put pressure on Henne and force the issue with a young Offense, and also just play Tressel Ball with the field position. I would say we'd tear them up on offense but well I've been saying that for the past 3 years and it never happens. I think with our defense/special teams we have a HUGE advantage.

As for Iowa. There defense is exactly like Michigans where as they stop the run not too bad but there secondary is just shit. Also their offense is obviously worse than that of Michigan with their young QB as well as NO running back and no really true deep treat. As well as a formidable offensive line but against our front 7 I just think they'd have troubles. Their Special Teams is scary, and thats not in good way either. I see Ohio State bee'n able to move the ball on the outside of the field and just not giving them anything when Iowa is on Offense. I think OSU has a somewhat bigger margin that what we wouldv'e thought in the off-season. However it'll prolly be a close game coming down to our Field Goals.
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I noticed that too. Edwards had 150 yards and the next closest WR for M#chigan had around 40 yards receiving. I hope your right on both predictions.

I think Justin Zwick has so much potential. If he can learn half the smarts Craig Krenzel had with his arm ... WHEW lights out ... OSU will be tearing up alot of teams. Hopefully our O-line will gel just a little more on run plays and our running game will come along too.

:groove: Its Great to be a BUCKEYES !!! :groove:
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I'm with you once again Storm.......

Zwick has the potential to be something great at OSU but its just a matter of time with him getting in sink with everyone on Offense. If our Running game could just manage to get more than 50 yards it'd be an improvment! haha jp but we honestly no doubt need better production.
I feel good about my preditions but they're just that PREDICTIONS! haha I mean who knows maybe we start blowing teams out? or maybe we just keep the trend and play field position chess all day long.
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I think alot of OSU's running "issues" are due to opposing D-lines getting great penetration against our O-line regularly. Doesn't help when they stack the line with 7 and 8 players and blitz constantly, but OSU's O-line isn't sustaining blocks long enough or missing them all together. Thats just communication and fundamentals and you can bet a million dollars Coach Tressel has addressed that and they will be much improved. Our next game can be a spring board of things to come and hopefully more success in our run game. Then again I am always optimistic when it comes to OSU and I got blinders on haha

:groove: Isn't it Great to be a Buckeyes !?! :groove:
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Iowas better be working on reducing those mistakes cuz that last game against M*chigan was horrible. They had no discipline and looks aweful. M#chigan didn't even look that impressive (not that they won't come Nov.20th). They looked like they just sat back and accepted all the gifts Iowa was giving them.
I am glad this years Wisconsin game is at home and especially that they do not have Ron Dayne on the team.. damn him. I was at that game with my
father-in-law who was born in Wisconsin ...
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Storm -Dude you need to friggin relax! I have not been able to gloat on this baord for some time so let me enjoy it for a while! But you are right after this week I may have to go hide for a while.....

Actually we both may need to worry about Purdue!
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I HOPE u guys lose to purdue in a close game(actually as long as u lose..it's fine) and are able to beat USC..If u guys beat USC then you will get some rep points from me..anyway since u guys have beaten michigan you don't need to hide this season..even if you lose to purdue..You have gained our respect by beating TSUN!
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