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I saw The Bourne Supremacy this weekend...


This space left intentionally blank
and while I think the story was good and the plot twists were interesting the filming style SUCKED and ruined the whole movie (and the rest of my Sunday)! :sick1:

As a matter of fact.. I still feel like crap. I have been known to get motion sick on boats and airplanes, but prior to this the only movie that messed me up was "The Blair Witch Project" and I saw that in an unairconditioned theater in the summer in the South.

I think the director was going for a chaotic filming style to make the audience feel as if you were there during the fight scenes and the chases, etc. Perhaps he wanted you to feel like Bourne as he tried to uncloud his mind. Well... it worked too well. Like Bourne, I now feel like seeking out those who wronged me and killing them in new and creative ways... I think I'll start with the director and then move on to the executive producer. :pissed: :box:

In summary: A good story (not as good as The Bourne Identity though) with some exciting action and plot twists, but if you get motion sick... wait for the book on tape! :frown2:

As for me, I'm going to go start a support group:
"Hi, I'm BuckeyeInTheBoro and Matt Damon movies make me sick."
"Hi, BuckeyeInTheBoro!"
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i thought it was better than the first one. i did hate that stupid shaking camera crap. with 2 trained assassins i wanted to see some badass fighting stiles......all i saw was 2 black blobs going at each other.

why does hollywood do this? do they think people who watch fights shake their heads around? to they think it makes it more exciting? it makes it stupid.

other than that i thought the movie kicked ass. except for the idiots in the theater who thought it was chatty cathy hour.
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Get off my lawn, you hooligans!
I think they're going for a sense of immediacy. It is one of those things where one guy did it, and now everybody slavishly imitates him. I know Kubrick was one of the earlier ones (and I"m sure there are tons of older examples), watch the fighting scenes in "Dr. Strangelove," and you'll see what I mean. You can still see the action in THAT one, though.

Personally, I liked the movie. No gripes here. But then, I'm notoriously easy to please.
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The Most Power-Drunk
F it. Read the books, they are much, much better anyway. I haven't seen the second one yet, but the first one absolutely sucked compared to the book. If I hadn't of read the book first, I probably would have enjoyed it, but they completely ruined the book. As for the film style, I will wait to bitch until I view the second one. But then I will bitch whole-heartedly. :biggrin:
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It ain't easy, bein' cheesy.
That does suck. I haven't seen it yet (I kinda wanted to...), but I understand- I get motion sickness pretty easily as well. I felt sick during Blair Witch and Traffic. I think that type of filming really takes away from the movie, not adds to it.
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I do not have a problem with camera antics (Blair Witch just sucked anyway). The thing that makes my stomach turn is the spew that I am hearing on the DNC from Gore & Carter. I may not be able to handle Bill & Hillary.
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BPU Buckeye

I agree that the first book was MUCH better than the movie. In fact, they completely changed the plot. I think the only things they carried over from the book were the name, the fact that he had amnesia, and the term "Treadstone". Everything else was completely changed. The surprising thing was that Robert Ludlum was an exective producer on the movie and he let them completely change his story.
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