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I feel for the Kicker from NW.


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Man oh man. Oh do you miss 5 field goals in a game. This kid has to feel the worst feeling. Northwestern had many chances to put the game away against TCU but................. Conference USA 1..... Big10 a BIG FAT 0........ I hope this is not a premonition of things to come saturday.
Press: "How do you feel about the execution of your kicker?"

Walker: "Sounds good to me"

Seriously, it's too bad, but now does anyone feel the "kicking game" is an overrated cliche? A game that goes to OT that NW loses by 3, and the kicker misses 5, including 2 in OT. Thier offense looks much better than last season, though Basanez took a shot at the end of the game, but their defense looks as bad (or worse) than it has in the last 15 years. Remember, TCU put up 13 last season...on Arizona.

Other observations: Utah looks good, A&M still sucks, and Boston College, supposedly the team to challenge WVA for the Big Suck (er, East) "title" had a very convincing 18 (or was it 19) to 11 win over Ball State, who is not exactly on this season's BCS watch list. Either the better teams in the MAC are going to give everyone fits, or the Small East is a glorified I-AA conference.
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As much as I love the Buckeyes, Randy Walker is a pretty good coach for Northwestern and when the BIG10 goes out of conference I usually pull for them except for SCum. I wanted NW to win this one. Yeah execution was his downfall, but you had to be pulling for him just this one time.
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I agree totally kippy...it just makes our conference look silly when a team that played in a bowl game last year scores 45 and loses because the kicker is 1 for 6. I can't stand Randy Walker and never could, but you don't want them making us all look bad.
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It seems parity is starting to get a strangle hold on a lot of confereces in football. At least that is the way i view it. All programs are reaching for strength coaches, sports shrinks and whatever seems to work, to bring thier programs up to par with the elite programs like Ohio State and the rest. The Ohio State University will always be a top notch football program in my mind. They all seem to want to emulate our program.
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I feel sorry for him - he's just a college kid playing for free - it's not like he's in the NFL or something. I don't feel sorry for Northwestern though. With all due respect to their current kicker, can it really be that hard to find somebody to kick a football in exchange for a full ride at a great academic institution like theirs? I mean, it seems like Ohio State is picking up a new kicker every month or so right now, so it can't really be that tough. Couple that with the fact that the very guy I sat next to at the bar tonight used to be a kicker, and he would've nailed at least 3 or 4 of the 5 that guy missed, you've gotta wonder just how much they care about their special teams in Evanston. I'm sure glad we have a great kicker like Nuge, and that the kicking game is a high priority in Columbus.
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my dad went to school with RW...so i was pulling for him. plus its the Big10 OOC....so you gotta root for them. good thing i was doing my fantasy draft and sleeping during this game so i missed the kickers piss poor effort.

you think you can beat the harlem heat? jigga please.
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As much as I love football, i have the same passion for golf. And where i work i talk to alot of guys who were placekickers in college and high school and we all agreed that kicking is something simalar to golf. You have to be relaxed and keep the head down and follow thru. But when you shank them wide right time after time, well it begins to work your mental aspect of the game and man its not easy git rid of the problem. You just have to keep on working at it. That is why I feel for the kid. I sure can relate.
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I agree with Lucko.

It is a 60 minute game played by two teams, not two place kickers.

If your defense stops them, if your offense scores, no penalties, no turnovers and so on. I like to think your kicking game can help win it for you, but you have to take the loss as a team.
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I was rooting for NW, but after missing that many you wonder what the heck is the problem? All the kicker has to do all week is practice kicking field goals.

I remember when our kicking game was like that in 2001 and it was pitiful. Nuge and Huston were equally awful. Now , Nuge gets some confidence and he's the best kicker we've had in years. It must really be hard mentally when it gets in your head.
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