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I am getting PUMPED for tonights game!!!

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Semper Fi!
I just had to say something... for whatever reason... I am nervously excited and anxious about this game... I hope it gets here soon.... 2 hours and change left..... yes.


Now back to your regularly scheduled post....


Screw Blue
with all of the drama that espin is trying to create and with how up in arms they are i would love nothing more than to see TOSU come out and bitch slap the pokes.

i have to give mike trico some respect, when ressecup and the lovers (trev and mark) cut to him, he said something like "lets not spin the out of control here, this news is over a week old, its just that the officials are starting to speak about it now" i was very impressed to see him toss that out...i think he hates trev alberts as well
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flying low
I'm getting pretty anxious as well. My friend is at San Antonio right now and he said 90% of the OSU fans are wearing orange... :(

But, oh well...JT saves the best for the michigan and bowl games, so I can't wait to see how our revamped offense will work with Zwick. If our offense can keep our defense rested (ie, no turnovers) we should be looking at a win.

2 TD's on punt returns for Ted Ginn tonight so he can break the record!
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flying low

That was great, that was just spectacular...

Lets see...

I cringed when A.J. Hawk layed out Donovan Woods
I went nuts every time Ginn took snaps as QB
I sat back with a smug smile on my face when Nugent went for a FG
And I BUSTED OUT laughing when Kirk said Ginn was "Like a video game...hit L1 for TURBO"
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