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Hoops coach punished for 'Crybaby Award'

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Capo Regime
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Maybe later down the line he will, but for now he realized his Dad will back him up whether he is right or wrong. I would hope the kid has enough sense to realize why he received the award but with today's logic there is no telling.
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Milly: "There is nothing wrong with a little "negative" award. The Air Force Academy has their "Tail End Charlie" award for the student who finished at the bottom of his/her graduating class, and I wouldn;t be surprised if West Point and Annapolis both have similar awards. Even here at work we have the "Bonehead Award" (which I've received) for technicians who've made stupid mistakes (mine was for pulling out a server which didn't have its power cable secured in a cable harness, subsequently knocking it off line)."

Uh, nice logic Milly. Of course, I don't see 13 year old kids in the Air Force or at West Point.

One other thing...does somebody else have a link to this story? Everybody assumes the kid deserved the award...do we have "proof" that he did?
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while it may seem to be a bit cold hearted, last year, one of the managers where i work gave a guy a 'bitch of the month award' in front of basically the entire staff... the prize? a box of Ob tampons...

dude quit bitching REAL fast...
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I give up. This board is too hard to understand.
Tibor... here's a different link to the story on CNN. I think the one I copied was off of ESPN.com



'Crybaby Award' gets Jersey coach in trouble
Thursday, May 6, 2004 Posted: 6:19 PM EDT (2219 GMT)

Terrence Philo talks Sunday about the Crybaby Award given to his 13-year-old son by his basketball coach.

He should be fired. ...You should just have better sense.
-- Gina Jones, a parent who attended Tuesday's school board meeting

PLEASANTVILLE, New Jersey (AP) -- A middle school basketball coach who presented a "Crybaby Award" trophy to a 13-year-old player has been fired from his coaching job, and the board of education wants him out entirely, officials said Wednesday.

James Guillen, 24, must make a public apology, attend sensitivity training and hold a second banquet to give out a proper award, School Superintendent Edwin Coyle said. But he said he opposed firing him as a teacher.

The boy's father, Terrence Philo Sr., said that just before the April 24 banquet, Guillen called the boy and told him he would be getting a special trophy.

At the banquet, the teen watched as all his teammates received trophies or certificates. He was then called up to receive his award, and the coach told him he was getting a Crybaby Award because "he begged to get in the game, and all he did was whine."

The trophy was a figure of a baby atop a pedestal engraved with the boy's name, which was spelled incorrectly. Family members said the teen was deeply embarrassed.

On Tuesday, the Pleasantville Board of Education voted to fire Guillen, rejecting Coyle's recommendation for lighter sanctions even though the board's own attorney said hiring and firing recommendations must come from the superintendent.

Coyle called Guillen's actions "totally unacceptable" but said an outright dismissal would be too severe a punishment. He said he would ask the board a second time to authorize, instead of firing, a five-day suspension without pay for Guillen and the forfeiture of a $3,000 pay raise. The board meets again next Tuesday.

Guillen has yet to speak publicly, but school officials quoted him as saying the award was his idea alone. He did not respond to requests for comment made at the school and through a representative of the New Jersey Education Association.

The boy's father said he wants his son treated fairly.

"I just want what's right. I want my son to have a trophy and certificate like everyone else got. No less, no more," he said.

Others wanted stiffer penalties.

"He should be fired," said Gina Jones, 43, a parent who attended the board's meeting Tuesday night. "You should just have better sense."

Vernon Walker, who coached in a league in which Guillen played as a teen, said "crybaby" was used to tell players "you argue too much and to focus more on your play. It has to be taken in context." Still, he said, Guillen showed poor judgment.
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The satanic soulless freight train that is Ohio St
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Uh, nice logic Milly. Of course, I don't see 13 year old kids in the Air Force or at West Point.

Yeah, only 17 and 18 years enter...huge difference between 13 and 17, right? :roll1:

As always, you distort a post and miss the point. The point is that although the way it was presented was underhanded and tactless, the kid most likely deserved a wake-up call. Hopefully in the future he'll see the intent of his coach, and not grow up to be--or in his case continue to be--a whiny crybaby.
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"huge difference between 13 and 17, right?"

Yes. College freshman vs. high school freshman? You're right, both can be equally stupid (see Irizarry, Louis)

"although the way it was presented was underhanded and tactless,"

actually, I didn't miss your points at all. You never claimed that you thought the award was "underhanded and tactless" in your previous replies on this thread. I agree with you.
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