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Woody wore Sambas
I heard about this, and can't say I'm unduly shocked-Columbus, w/ 40,000 Somalis is, along w/ Minneapolis, the #1 destination for Somali immigrants to the US. I think the FBI broke up some kind of money laundering ring for Al-Qaida run by Somaliis in Columbus a few years ago.
Maybe they were plotting to blow up Northland Mall on Morse-they knew no one would be there, or care................................
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This makes me wonder how many people would think twice about seeing a Buckeye game with the knowlege that Columbus is a possible/probable target. Personaly, it would be on my mind and I would be nervous but I don't think anything could keep me from watching the Buckeyes.
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This space left intentionally blank
Anyone living in Ohio (even from Somalia) should know to blow up "The Big House" and not "The Shoe". It holds more people and it's less likely to inspire the country to come together.

rugbybuck said:
I think if you die in the 'Shoe during a game, you go straight to heaven and meet 72 virgins. That may only be for the Michigan game, though. I'll have to check the Koran.
I thought you got to meet the '68 Buckeyes and Woody presented you with the keys to the cheerleader harim room?

During the Michigan game you would also get a pair of gold pants that matches your halo. If you happened to be "dotting the I" at the time you get to come back to earth as a 240lb RB with 4.1 speed and crazy-good vision.

This last part isn't actually in the Koran, but it was told to my cleric directly and he did sleep at a Holiday Inn Express last night.
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