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Hey 3 yards, no I haven't


Buckeye Planet Old Fart
Cut my hair yet. After maybe 60 years of getting my hair cut every 4 weeks, I am now into my eleventh month without a haircut and am close to a decent pony tail BUT my bride of 14 years still thinks it looks more like a Donky Doo or a mule's mane.

Is she trying to tell me something?

Go Bucks
Hey CB62, great to hear that the hair is still growing! My wife gives me some grief about hair cuts too, but karma is a bad thing to mess with. I think the Bucks can use all the positive vibes we can give them, so my vote is that you avoid the barber at all costs. Not like my vote compares to your wifes, but the Buckeyes are involved ... might be a tough decision if we go undefeated again.

BTW, I hope you didn't take offense to my "hippie" remark. I definently meant it in jest. Also, it looks like your "pet" threads on BN continue to have life. I continue to see "Sound Off" & "Nickname" getting moved to page 1 with responses. Hope the weather is good in Charlotte.

Take care - 3yards
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