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Have you ever wondered why?


I really wonder if Ohio State is the most hated college football team in the nation. Is it because we arent from flordia or california? Is it because we win with little offense? What could it be? I remember last year talkin to a few people through yahoo messenger after the wisconsin game and going into a college sports room and it was like a party in there. Everyone running their mouths about how all the OSU fans finally have to shut up. I think they were just pissed they had to wait so long.

Usc beats stanford by 3 and gets 46 votes as the best team in the nation. Do we have to beat unranked teams by more?

Another question that comes to mind about ohio in general. Why do we have so many Michigan fans here. It seems like whenever I go out I always run into some dumb shit with michigan garbage on his head. We lose so many recruits to them. Just makes me wonder how the hell you can grow up in Ohio and like michigan.


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My best friend who grew up with me in Centerville, Ohio is a scUM fan. I really don't know why...but he is. He lives up in that crappy state now though. I loved having the 2002 Ohio State-scUM game playing on the VCR whenever I knew he was coming over. He punches hard. It's been a fun rivalry between us. Sometimes I wonder how I could have become his friend knowing he is a scUM fan...cuz seriously...I hate that damn school, but he's not a dick about it and doesn't really talk about scUM that much...so I don't think I ever really realized he was a scUM fan til we were friends. I think what it is, is that some people grow up in Ohio, and instead of becoming Ohio State fans...something makes them hate Ohio State...and there is no other Ohio school to drift towards...so if u hate Ohio State ur gonna drift towards scUM. Whereas in their state, if you grow up and start hating scUM...u may just become a MSU fan. There are Ohio State fans up there though...and remember...we recruited a guy from that state who led us to a national title.
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The satanic soulless freight train that is Ohio St
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  • Not only are were not the "most hated" team in the country, I doubt if we're hated by anymore other than Michigan fans and a few other fans of Big Ten teams. We may not get the respect that we feel we should, but there is no big conspiracy against us nor any big animosity.
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    HTTR Forever.
    I think if you're up at 3:30 in the morning pondering this shit, you need either a woman or a hobby. :sleep1:

    We aren't the most hated. But the typical reaction by Buckeye fans everytime some dumb former jock talks us down on tv is to overly sensitive about it. We were never this sensitive about this shit 5 or 6 years ago. We won games, often by big margins, and lost games. Sometimes big larger margins.

    Now the Bucks win more consistantly by lower margins and have developed a "lucky" tag by the media. This same media picks us to lose this week or next week or whatever saying that the "luck" 'has to run out eventually' and that big loss hasn't come. The Bucks keep winning. By 3 or by 7 or by 8. Doesn't matter. They win. A lot. And it irritates the media circus because for them to have a sensational story, there has to be a ton of offensive output and NBA All-Star game like scores. The beauty of a bonecrushing, hardnosed defense has given way to the fad of bubble screens, jailbreak screens, and every other type of screen that counts as passing yards so they can hype some noodle arm redneck for the Heisman, when they are truly just an extension of the running game. (Yes I'm talking about you Mr. Kingsbury.)

    We aren't the most hated. We are just the easiest target because we are so often defending Tresselball that we are now taking to a whole new personal level. A slam by the media on "our team" hits us close to the heart because every game effects the effeciancy of that organ like it never has before.

    We've been used to heart break on the 3 saturday in November to point where we were getting numb to it. Now we win more often in "The Game". We beat them and everyone else by 3.

    Ohio State can beat any team in the country by 3. FAMU, Vanderbilt, NC State, FSU, Miami, USC, Macpherson college. Doesn't matter who it is. The Bucks can beat them by 3. And the media hates it.

    No glitz. No glamour. All of the big stars are on the "other" side of the ball. That doesn't sell headlines to 12 year old kids. 400 yards passing on 40 completions out 56 attempts gets kids attention.
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    Calmer than you are.
    I don't think that we're the most hated team in the country, but when you're one of the elite, there's going to be strong feelings on both sides.

    The main reason people don't like our style of play, IMO, is gambling. You try setting a line on a team that could beat any team in the country , but could beat the lesser teams by 3 or 53.
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    I'd rather be napping!!
    Alot of it, IMO has to do with the fact that some of the tOSU fanbase are some really obnoxious assholes. See Wisconsin but down a couple of notches and we have the Internet in Ohio so they become online assholes. That really jades alot of people. I think we all have been to opposing boards and seen somebody and thought, "jeeze, just shut the fuck up", they make all of us look bad.
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    USC wins by 3 over an unranked team and still gets most of the number 1 votes.

    I wonder how the Penn St. fans feel about this. In 1994, they were #1 and leading at Indiana 35-14 with about 3 minutes left. Indiana got a couple of late TD's and the final is 35-29. This was the week after the 63-14 debacle that tOSU had in State College.

    Anyway, the coaches poll drops Penn St. from #1 to #2 after the close win. They go undefeated and finish #2 to Osborne's first NC team at Nebraska. That would have been a good year for the BCS to set up the bowl games.
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    I can answer why there are fans of arch rivals living in arch rival towns. It's the 'rebel' theory. It's the same reasons kids disobey their parents sometimes. Because they can. They feel comfortable with all of the negative energy. I lived a good portion of my life in Chicagoland--and I'm 100% sure they have the 2nd biggest Packer fanbase in the country. It's like some people have a NEED to cause controversy. Like some of the media darlings we swoon over on this board :).
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    I hate to say it but it's growing on me. I like being the underdog, the lucky ones, the cheaters, the bullshit call getters. I'M GETTING TO THE POINT TO WHERE I JUST LAUGH AT THE MEDIA. When people start giving excuses for OSU's success it's kinda ignorant. I mean we were luck 28 out of 30 times!!!! We have made the media look stupid time and time again they relish the opprtunity to pick on us. The joke has been on them!!!

    When people spend that much time and energy belittling your program it means one thing...they are jealous!!! When Cooper was coach and we would lose the Michigan game and bowl games nobody had a bad word to say about OSU!!! Once Tressel comes in and wins NC in his second year we become public enemy 101. Everyone in the college football world is pissed because we are back on top. Hell there are even newspaper writers in Ohio pissed because Mason didn't get the job and they take jabs at us weekly.

    I say sit back drink a cold one while eating some pizza and enjoy the ride!!! We are gonna be a thorn in their asses for a long time. In the end we will piss them off more than they will piss us off.

    If we were to win a NC or another BCS game after having 14 players drafted and only losing a few seniors for next years team will really piss the media off. Every college football fan and media guy outside of OHIO will have a nervous breakdown!!!

    I think we need to see their criticism as a compliment rather than an insult. If we weren't AS GOOD AS WE ARE NOBODY WOULD GIVE A SHIT ABOUT US!!!!
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    There is no conspiracy...come on people. It is true that a lot of pundits like Fatass May don't like the WAY we win, and expect us to lose, and then get pissed when we don't because ut makes them look stupid, but that's the extent of it. Notre Dame used to be "the most hated" because of their status, but now that they really have no more status than anyone else, they no longer do. Florida State also had the mantle for a while, back when they were in the top 4 12 straight years and had players committing felonies, but that's almost gone now too. If you win, you're a target...if we go 6-5 the next 3 years, no one will care...end of story.
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    Down here in Jacksonville I can tell you all that the most hated football program is Notre Dame. Why? Because look at the bowl games over the past 30 years or so. They just seem to be so dominate because of thier
    independant status and the schedules they played. And along with them was also was Penn State which at those times were in alot of Bowl games that decided a national championship. Especially the PennState / Miami game of 87. Oh wow that one did not go over to big here in the South and when Notre Dame beat FSU in 94 and Notre Dame beat Florida in the Sugar - well that was the Icing on the Cake. Naw we are not the most hated football program in the nation. Only in the eyes of the michigan fans are we the most hated right now. It's just a Love & Hate thing with Scum. They love us when we lose and hate us when we kick thier ass. simple as that.
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