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Halftime TCU-Louisville


21st Century Buckeye Man
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Did anyone catch the haltime segment during the TCU-Louisville game tonight when Mark "My Head is So far Up My Ass I'm Like a Mobius Strip" May had a Q and A with Tom "My Head Looks Like a Pimple on Mark May's Ass" Friend? What grated me worse than sand paper underwear was when dipshit May asked smegma-faced Friend about the fact that OSU claims what's in his "article" is nothing new. Douchenozzle Friend replied that that is true but Maurice told the NCAA that he never received money, or cars, or cushy jobs to protect JT, but now he is coming forward because he wants to come clean. By saying something like that, he basically has spun it so that now MoC is coming clean and scumbag Friend states that MoC's reason for this is that he felt JT and company basically blackballed him last year. When Friend said that JT wanted MoC up at 6 am working out, his facial expression and body language was one of complete shock and that a request like that was unreasonable.

I am slow to anger, but watching the exchange between these two butt munching, vapid, pus-for-brains, shitpukes, and their extreme bias would be enough to bring Ghandi to violence.
The way I always thought about credibility was that you had it until you lost it. But once you lost it you didn't have it anymore.

MC lied to the police and that helped trigger an investigation.

During the investigation he lied another 17 times.

Now we are supposed to believe him when he says that during the investigatin he was telling still more lies - but telling them to protect JT.

He even contradicts Friend himself on the issue of whether he was paid for the interview or not.

Why is ANONE taking this kid at face value?
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a. Views self as victim b. Blames others

Views Self As A Good Person

a. Focuses only on his positive attributes
b. Fails to acknowledge his destructive behavior.
c. Builds self up at other's expense
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I'm not sure even May buys the story.

One thing is for sure about Friend - he has bought Clarett's story hook, line and sinker. He'd better hope he has more than a few washed out scrubs like Cooper, Crosby and Stirrup to back up his story. Of course, maybe it doesn't matter. It's not like ESPN Rag writers are held to any standards.
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Heather Lyke, associate athletic director for compliance, said in a telephone interview that Ohio State would probably be in touch with the N.C.A.A. but that she did not expect another investigation because of the nonspecific nature of Clarett's accusations and questions about his character. The N.C.A.A. declined to comment.

"There's no names, no situations or dates or specific instances," said Lyke, who played a leading role in Ohio State's investigation of Clarett. "You need that. That would be helpful in judging the word of a person charged with unethical conduct 17 times. You ought to have more factual information."
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They started the interview with a question like "Why are you writing this now?", or "Why is MoC talking now?", and Friend replied:

"I received a call..."

And they let it go at that. I'll bet the call wasn't from MoC, or he would have said so clearly. I don't know why, but I really wonder who that call was from, and why Friend didn't name who the call was from.
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guess moc didn't want to play to badly or his ass would have been up at 6am and he would have at least tried to crack the books.

Is anyone else seeing the stumpjumping iam its kinda like you believe moc or you are a Osu supporter ecspecially in the media espn and so forth. Seems they are trying to figure out whos going to come out on top.
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Did you hear the reason why he didn't want to work out at 6am?

He isn't a morning person. Yeah, great work ethic kid.

And MoC also mentioned that he had to get good grades without the football tutors...well no shit, when you aren't on the football team you don't get tutors paid for by the athletic department. If he wanted to get good grades he would go to the other tutors on campus like the rest of us normals
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