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For those of you that were around...

From my Point of view that weren't really bad after the game, but during the game they were the cockiest sons of bitches that I have ever seen from fans. The basically said we shouldn't have even have been there. One thing I did notice though they did seem to be very impressed with our bands Hang on Sloopy playing with the O-H-I-O.

The Mongoose
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grASSY was horrible after the game. It was so bad it was funny. I haven't been there in a while but I know they were banning anyone with any reference to OSU in the name.... not sure if it's still like that or not.
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One thing I remember most is sitting in the Miami corner of Sun Devil Stadium right before the game started with the crowd going nuts, O-H-I-O, I turned around and said to a "blue hair" and his wife that they probably had never seen anything like this crowd before. He said, "no the Nebraska fans were rowdy like this as welllast year in the Rose Bowl, just wait until we're up by 28 points in the 2nd quarter, then the crowd will be very quiet".

Needless to say, the crowd never got quiet, just him by games end.

Grassy is still grassy, I got banned but they let me back in. While most are very young kids, there are a few that are pretty cool. But saying that not a single person over there will admit that they just flat out got samcked in the mouth by a more physical, motivated TEAM.

:oh: :io:
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