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Fishing (Official Thread)

I used to fish all the time. I grew up on a lake in Ohio and down here in Louisiana it is the sportsmans paradise. Time has taken away my love on wetting a line. It used to be fun but everyone has a $25,000 boat with a $40,000 vehicle and $10,000 worth of poles and lures. People shoot each other over fishing spots down here.

I do go deep sea fishing once in awhile. When they are biting it is a great time.

I am a part time archer and deer hunter. Not much into killing as much as I am into being outside or hunting with my buddies.
Do not worry spring is almost there!
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I actually like to fish alot, I did it more often when I was younger, but I trout fish mostly with some pan fishing in there. Fly fishing is what I do most often and I really enjoy tying my own flies. Do tha tmore than fish anymore.
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I fish whenever one of my buddies can get permission from their wife to let them out. Went to the trout release at Antrim last Thurs, it was great to get out.

The ODNR is releasing trout at various locations all over the state this month. I know some people look down at catching just stocked fish, but it's a good way to catch something early in the season.
If you're in Ohio, you can find out where they are releasing the fish here.


Also the www.gofishohio.com message boards are an excellent place to find out info on what is hitting and where.
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Picked up fly fishing a few years ago and have found that is the only hobby I have that truly relaxes me. Just bought some steelhead gear last fall and am still searching for that elusive first one. Was out just last Friday trying my luck, but they were not active at all.

Nothing like standing in the middle of the river and the only sound you hear is "Fish on!"
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I grew up fishing. My dad had a boat that we'd take out on Lake Erie and go walley and perch fishing. I haven't been in a while but it's something I want to do with my kids when they get older. I was going to try sturgeon fishing this winter but the season was cut short... it's normally a 10-14 day season but they stopped the season after only two days this year in Wisconsin because they were bringing in too many mature females. For those that don't know... the main way to get a sturgeon is by spear fishing. You basically sit by a hole in the ice and wait for one to swim by... when he does you had better be ready. It's not uncommon to only get a sturgeon every 2 or 3 years.
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Living at the foot of the Rockies, fly fishing is my best option. A quick 20 min. drive from home and i'm in a beautiful canyon with crystal clear water (when runoff isn't in full swing) and nice rainbow/brown/cut throat trout action. Unfortunately, I only make it out ~2-3 times per month. I'm hoping to get out more this year. I learned to fish with flies from my old roommate - he used to be a fly fishing guide in Jackson, WY with Orvis.
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I took a class my local recreation department was putting on. A local banker has been fly fishing for decades and taught the class. All the gear that was used was his (he builds rods for fun) and it was a cheap way to get the taste. You can take classes at local shops too. I bought an entry level trout package (5 weight rod, reel, line) and have been hooked ( no pun intended) ever since. My wife thinks I am crazy, but she also knows it is better than relaxing by hitting the bottle.

The best way to learn is hook up with someone who also wants to take a class or already fly fishes, get some basic gear and then get out and do it. Most people who fly fish will take the time to teach someone.

Fcollins. Sounds like you are in a great location. I have a great trout river 20 minutes from here, but it is getting more crowded every day and access is getting tougher due to development. The Pere Marquette River is about an hour's drive, but you have to fight the yuppies. I would love to hit the road one day for a week and hit CO, WY and MT for some fishing.
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