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Dude got jacked up!!!


Mirror Guy
Staff member
Apr 6, 2004
PCP Underground Hideout

Ok I'm never going to Akron for pizza. I would hope that I am more of a man than all these pussies standing around watching a dude get the hell beat out of him. They said on the radio today that this all started because the black dudes bitch cut in front of the white dude in line. When the white dude told her to get behind him she ran and got her dude to beat the hell out of him.

edit: if that link doesnt work try this one.



May 4, 2004
I read about this in the paper a couple weeks ago and it said the black bitch cut in front of everyone and the victim mumbled something about her into his cell phone. So she goes outside and gets this big fucking monster and tells him to " take care of this white mother-fucker". Now I can't wait to see her on the stand crying about how she never wanted this to happen. Bullshit. That bitch should do more time than the gorilla that gave out the beating. She was trying to provoke a fight with her behavior, and when nobody outwardly said "get the fuck in line bitch", she jumped on the only person that even mumbled anything. She accomplished what she wanted to do, now let us hope she has to pay for it too.
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2 time Reigning BuckeyePlanet Poker Champion
Mar 5, 2004
THE Buckeye Nation!
maybe its just cuz most the bars ive been are full of military but a scene like that would have never happened around here... either 5 guys would have tackled the big fucker or a full out brawl would have broken out if both guys involved had "boys" there either way it wouldnt have gone like that... shit two weeks ago me and my buddy tackled a skin head who was kicking the shit out of a german and we didnt know either of the fuckers (or that one was a skinhead until afterwards) i can imagine sitting their watching and doing nothing..
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Assistant Coach
Feb 26, 2004
I'm not sure I would do shit and i think it is pretty easy to sit here and say you would have done something from your computer. I'm betting 90% of the posters on this board would not have said or done anything.
Let's face it 6'4, 300 lb irrate dudes are intimidating and irrational. Do you think just saying 'knock it off' would have worked? What if there was a chance saying something would have made him turn on you? I'm pretty big dude but unless i was 100% sure me and my boys could beat that animal down, I can't honestly say I would have reacted that differently.

Don't get me wrong, i'm glad the guy got 4 years of jail time and i hope his gf gets the same thing.
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