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Cook, Conley, and Oden


Head Coach
It looks like they will all be visiting the 19th of January when we play Minnesota. If we were able to land these three in a package deal, tOSU would be an automatic big ten contender. I am yet to see Cook, but what I seen of Conley and Oden on t.v. they are both going to be superstars. Oden could possibly make the jump to the NBA, but says he wants to go to college so we will have to wait and see.
greg oden jr. 5 6-11 225 class 06 rivals #1 player

daqequan cook 2 gaurd 6-4 185 class 06 rivals #3 player

mike conley jr. 1 gaurd 6-1 170 class 06 # 35 player

the ohio and in classes of 06 are loaded
and the 07 class should be a good one again

in the top 25 oj mayo (soph from cincy) and oden

thad matta is sitting on a helluva oppurtunity!
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Recovering Arcade Junkie
Hopefully a big crowd will show up for the Minn game. Our performance the 4 games before they visit may influence the crowd size somewhat. Those games are @ILL, Iowa, @Wisc, @LSU. If we can win at least two of those games I think the turnout should be good
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Bourbon, Bow Ties and Baseball Hats
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BP Recruiting Team
Next year's class could be OSU's version of the Fab 5. There is so much talent out there and Matta seems like he is in on most of it. I can't rememebr OSU basketball recruiting being this exciting. I couldn't believe it when he had Oden, Conley, and Cook in for the Marshall football game. I would have gotten a chant going if I had known in advance...
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Boner Jamz '03
Kyle said they did not make the trip tonight. Cook is already scheduled to see two games at the end of the season and Conley and Oden will reschedule for another game. Might not be such a bad thing the way this game is looking tonight.
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Mr. Such and Such
if osu gets cook out of these 3 they will be quite lucky.

oden i projected as possibly a top 3 pick in the nba draft. i wont believe he goes to school until he signs an loi.

the conley/cook sitution is a bit worrisome. they have said they want to play together in school. cook's top 3 is osu,wf, and unc in no real order, but osu in wf are probably the top 2. conley does favor wake however, and that could be problematic.
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Capo Regime
Staff member
Father says Conley will join Oden in signing next week
Tuesday, November 01, 2005
Bob Baptist

Indianapolis high-school teammates Greg Oden and Mike Conley Jr. are "leaning towards" signing with Ohio State next week despite not yet knowing what further sanctions the men’s basketball program faces from the NCAA, Conley’s father said yesterday.

"At this point they are" signing next week, Mike Conley Sr. said. "It’s not final yet . . . but they’re leaning more towards going ahead and signing."

Oden, a 7-footer who is the No. 1-rated recruit in the 2006 class, is the centerpiece of a five-man Ohio State class that is ranked second best nationally to North Carolina’s.

Conley is the point guard.

Two other members of the class, guards Daequan Cook of Dayton Dunbar and Dave Lighty of Cleveland Villa Angela-St. Joseph, have not decided whether to sign. Lighty could decide by the end of the week, his mother said last night. Cook was weighing his decision last night, said Al Powell, who helps Conley Sr. coach the AAU team that Cook, Oden and Conley Jr. play on.

The fifth recruit, power forward Othello Hunter of Hillsborough Community College in Tampa, Fla., plans to sign next week, said his coach, Derrick Worrels.

The fall signing period is Nov. 9-16. Ohio State, charged with seven NCAA rules violations during the tenure of former coach Jim O’Brien, is scheduled to have its case heard by the NCAA infractions committee Dec. 9.

Penalties typically are announced three to five weeks after the hearing, but the holidays and a heavier-than-normal caseload this year could extend that interval, NCAA spokesman Kent Barrett said.

Mike Conley Sr. said he does not know whether his son and Oden will announce before Nov. 9 whether they plan to sign this month or in April, after they know the terms of Ohio State’s punishment.

"They’re going to sign now or in April and they’re going to go to Ohio State. I don’t see anything changing that," Conley Sr. said.

They are leaning toward doing it sooner rather than later, he said, because "they want to get it over with. They don’t want people to write about it anymore. They want to go ahead with the high-school season and get on with their careers.

"They feel, based on what we’ve told them and what they’ve heard other places, that for Ohio State to get a postseason ban in ’06-07 (their freshman year) would be unlikely. If they get scholarships taken away or money taken away or banners taken down, that won’t affect their decision. Anything outside of an ’07 ban doesn’t affect their decision."

Ohio State self-imposed a one-year postseason ban on the team last season, when the Buckeyes finished 20-12. They hope to be eligible this season, which begins at 2 p.m. Sunday with an exhibition game against Findlay in Value City Arena.

Ohio State has not determined whether it will self-impose further penalties on the program, athletics director Gene Smith said yesterday. The university has until the week of the hearing to do so.

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