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College Pickem' week #9 (spreads are up)

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Herbie for President
Here are the picks for week #9... as usual picks close Thursday night at midnight (eastern time). Good luck!:

Indiana @ Ohio St., Ohio St. -14.0
Maryland @ Clemson, Clemson -3.5
Texas @ Texas Tech, Texas -2.5
Georgia @ Arkansas, Georgia -8.0
Boston College @ Notre Dame, Notre Dame -7.0
Nebraska @ Kansas St., Kansas St. -5.0
Miami Fl. @ NC St., Miami -7.5
scUM @ Purdue, Purdue -4.5
Alabama @ Tennessee, Tenn. -7.0
Fresno St. @ Boise St., Boise St. -10.0


Well, that's like hypnotizing chickens.
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Ohio St., Ohio St. -14.0
Clemson -3.5
Texas -2.5
Georgia -8.0
Notre Dame, Notre Dame -7.0
Kansas St., Kansas St. -5.0
Miami -7.5
Tennessee, Tenn. -7.0
Boise St., Boise St. -10.0
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I'd rather be napping!!
Indiana +14.0 I hate to do this, but I don't think they cover.
Clemson -3.5
Texas -2.5
Georgia -8.0
Boston College +7.0 Sorry Chief, BC wins outright.
Kansas St. -5.0
NC St.+7.5
scUM+4.5 OUCH!!
Tenn. -7.0
Boise St. -10.0

I've gotta do better than last week (I hope!).
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