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Coaching Legend Don Schaly of Marietta dies


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  • Didn't know where quite to post this. After pm'ing osugrad21, he mentioned that I should post it for the board to see.

    Schaly was the longtime coach of Marietta's baseball team.

    I know of at least one poster on this site who played for him who may have some personal thoughts to share.

    If any of you didn't know who he was, here's an article about his passing.

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    I almost played for him..that was an excellent recruiting trip. The baseball players are the kings of campus down there...I was 17 and being served in a bar down there (City Lights, Night Lights, ?) once they found out I was a recruit. Coach Schaly insisted I drive down friday night after a football game so I could watch fall ball games the next two days...he was a fascinating man and a great motivator. Pioneer field is majestic...unbelievable facilities for a D3 school.

    RIP Coach.
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    My brother played one year for him and he tried very hard to recruit me......the town was way too boring for me.....

    Very good man and a great baseball coach....he will be missed....

    Wasn't it like in 1983 that Marietta and Otterbein (Fishbaugh) played for the division III national title..???
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    I had the opportunity to speak with Coach Schaly as he was recruiting me to Marietta. The distance was the main factor for me not going there.

    He was top-shelf not only as a coach, but also a person.
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