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Cincinnati Bengals (Just Burrow In)

At least you guys have a full season to watch and a +1 game. The Browns season is over after 4-6 games. Misery loves company. Venture on over to the Browns 2016 thread where the misery is already 13 pages long. Open arms, my friends. Open arms.
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Mike Brown might be a lovely person. I HATE him as an owner.

However, sources told Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio that, along with Raiders' owner Mark Davis, the owner who voted "no" was likely Cincinnati Bengals owner Mike Brown.
Brown has a well-documented reputation for refusing to go along with anything that helps the league become bigger and better. His primary concern in those situations is the impact of the new revenue on the salary cap.

So Brown prefers the status quo, especially when the status quo doesn’t require him to spend more money on players.
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I'm really interested to see what we do in FA. Iloka, Nelson, Leon Hall, and Pacman are all FAs this offseason, and I think we need to re-sign at least 3 of them but I'm not confident in Mike Brown spending the money.
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Nelson should be a no brainier. Would like to see Iloka back, but at the right price. Pacman, would like so see him back, wouldn't be upset to see him go. And Leon Hall can still fuck off.
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