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I am almost finished with What it "Means to be a Buckeye" and I was thinking of starting a thread to discuss it with others who have also read it.

Then I thought there are a lot of other great OSU Books out there.

Then I thought it would be great if we could talk about those too.

Then I thought about that picture on the 'Hot Girls' thread, you know - the twins. The ones with the blue bikinis.

Uh, where was I? Oh yeah, books.

Anyhonw, I thought it would be a great new feature of Buckeye Planet - especially during the long off season - if we could pick a Book of the Month to read and discuss.

"What it Means to be a Buckeye" would be a great place to begin. I will start that thread once I finish the last few chapters - probably next week (I am savoring it).

Anybody else like the idea? Suggestions for the next book?

Wow, I am surprised that either of you would be attracted to older, balding men with beer guts, but both of you? That's amazing!

Oops, sorry, my mind is wandering again.


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If you can find it, Buckeye: A Study of Coach Woody Hayes and the Ohio State Football Machine by Robert Vare is my all-time favorite.

Woody's Boys is a good one...kind of like an expanded What it Means to Be a Buckeye where Champ Henson, Archie, Cornelius, Tom Matte, Jim Parker, Rex Kern, and some other guys go on and on about their football careers.

And although it's not really a OSU book per se, They Call Me Assassin by Jack Tatum is a great read.
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Nixon said:
If you can find it, Buckeye: A Study of Coach Woody Hayes and the Ohio State Football Machine by Robert Vare is my all-time favorite

I got that one on Ebay for $3.00 (a steal at that price) and have read it, and agree that that is really a great book. Has many great stories and quotes about Woody.
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I give up. This board is too hard to understand.
Woody's boys is a great book. One of the rare books I've actually read twice.

Not really a Buckeye book but I liked Fields of Honor - The Golden Age of College Football and the Men Who Created It by Sally Pont. Lots of good stories about Woody, Bo, Sid Gillman, Bear Bryant, Ara Parseghian... guys like that... great read. And best of all... Woody is on the cover. :biggrin:
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