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Thursday, December 16, 2004

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Reserve guard will miss 2nd straight game
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Associated Press
<!-- template inline -->NORMAN, Okla. -- Reserve guard Brandon Foust will not travel with the Sooners for their game against No. 7 Duke on Saturday in New York, coach Kelvin Sampson said Thursday.

It will be the second consecutive missed game for Foust, who also was not present when Oklahoma (6-1) beat Northern Colorado 80-44 last Saturday.

"Brandon has not practiced with the team this week and continues to address personal issues," Sampson said in a statement. "There is nothing new to report right now, other than the fact that he will not join the team on the trip to New York tomorrow."

Foust has averaged 2.8 points and 2.5 rebounds in five games this season. He was also suspended for Oklahoma's game against Coppin State on Dec. 2 and then returned to play two minutes against Purdue on Dec. 8.
anyone know what these personal issues might be???

hes a good player i remember his game in the nit last year against michigan in the nit, he light them up for 17 i think (a stab in the dark on the number off the top of my head)