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Is this the best defense we have had in the last three years? I think that the run defense is maybe not as good this year but I think that the defense as a hole is better then the last two. The reason I like this defense so much is because it has been stopping people a lot more. It seems like there have been a lot more three and out so far. The last two years we would give up a ton of passing yards even though we didn't give up many running yards. This is just through 3 games and I feel that the run defense will get better and our pass defense might get a little better to. I think that the run defense will get better when the d-line gets more experienced

As of right now we are ranked:
Pass defense ranked 10 (133.7 a game)
Rush defense ranked T54 (127.7 a game)
Total defense ranked 13 (261.3 a game)
Pts Against a game ranked T22 (13.7 a game)


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I don't think you can really take much from the national stat rankings for another couple of weeks at least. Too many 70-35 ooc specials and one huge game against the sisters of the poor can really skew the numbers.

At this point I go more by the raw number. 261 yds of total offense and 13 ppg is pretty damn good. If someone offerd me that for the season I would take it in a heartbeat.
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i think the potential is there, but as of right now, the D isn't as good as it has been in the past few years. The run D needs to shut opponents down like we have the last 2 years and then make teams 1-dimensional.

edit: rushing stats added
2002 defense: 2.6 ypc, 77.7 ypg, 13.1 ppg
2003 defense: 2.0 ypc, 62.3 ypg, 17.6 ppg
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I feel that our pass defense is limiting the other teams game plans and forcing them to run but it also helps the opponent that a run d is not as good so far this year. I just really like are pass defense so far. These are the type of teams that in the last two years would pass all over us and so far this year we have just shut them down. I don't think that so far they are the best defense but I feel that they are very close. If they keep it up all season they will be the best defense.
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Head Coach
Well the Past 3 weeks guys we've faced teams that are suppose to be passing teams. Once we get to the Big Ten I think we'll start to sell out more knowing they don't have that threat of passing for the big hitter. With the Likes of the past 3 teams we've faced the best passing teams we'll face till Purdue. For sure our next game against NW could be much of the same crap with spread you out and throw the screens and get the draws going. However NW's running back sucks so We'll shut down there running game. I think its crucial we don't over look NW tho because I don't wanna go into Wisconsin with a Loss.
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I have a lot of respect for NU's experienced offense. Their OL is very good. Their QB is effective passing and runnng. Their RB is very good. OSU should be able to score against their defense and should be able wear NU down but their offense is a good solid unit.
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