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Attendance at the Scum game


17-3 since 2001
Sep 8, 2004
It was less than 100 less people than the scUM 2002 game. And...don't forget...THEY COUNT EVERYBODY IN ATTENDANCE. cops, press, hot dog vendors...EVERYBODY. So...I think that there was a lot more press and cops and other people that weren't "fans" in 2002. I saw no empty seats anywhere around me...and I saw a lot of people standing.
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Jesus loves you, the rest of us think ur an idiot.
Former FF Keeper Champ
Aug 2, 2004
About One Block from Z's Bar
Deety said:
Was that before or after all the Wolverweenies snuck out? :slappy:

All of them in 36B seemed to be gone shortly after the half...

Yeah, the scUM team got out of Dodge in a real hurry too, but their band got stuck in their seats and had to sit and watch the field celebration, not to mention had a nice size group of Buckeye fans chanting and jeering at them the whole time...t'was a beautiful sight. :biggrin: Made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
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BuckeyeFROMscUM said:
Good thing too (that there was room to our right), cuz the people next to us moved down every time I let my guard down.
Thos people were assholes, I hated them all season long, especially since it had been raining around time of the Indiana game and they got my fucking seat wet and muddy, it was a pleasant surprise when I sat down at half time..oh well, at least they didn't spill their hugeass drinks on me like has happened in the past

The worst part about the seat mudder uppers is that they don't know a goddamned thing about football, not a single fucking thing, my wife knew that the shit they were talking about was bunk
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