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At least the Miami coaches aren't dodging the law

I will not disagree with you on the SEC being dirty. I went to an SEC school and everything I saw leads me to believe the worst about SEC schools if not all athletic programs across the country.

However, the states of Alabama and Mississippi are completely different than other SEC states. They hate everyone not from there! They consider tennessians northerners and the good ole boys play by there own set of rules. They hold some principles of integraty very high and completely ignore others. So I think there is some truth to Phil's statement about sleazy alabama lawyers.

These legal systems are like OJ and the race card. Anyone who is from there is innocient and anyone from OOS is guilty. If martha was tried down there, they would have fried her nyc ass. My last company had a consulting contract with the state of Mississippi and when we did not deliver a jury of Mississippians found that we were liable for $300 milliion on a $10 million project :roll2: So without knowing the facts I can bet that Phil would get found guilty of anything brought against him by an Alabama jury. I wouldn't go down there either if I were him.
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True Madness Requires Significant Intelligence

I am not sure where you live or went to school but I have spent quite some time in GA, AL, MS, TN and now LA.

They live and play by a different set of rules here.

In LA our laws are based on the Napoleanic code for crying out loud. In other words no lawyers from outside LA need take a case here.

I loved that so many people in Alabama that did not graduate from high school had such an opinion on Alabama and Auburn non sports issues.

I have found a nice little place were most people who are not originally from LA live. I did not think I was going to be able to live with most of the others once LSU shared the championship.
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