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Article "Ten Things You Don't Know About Ohio State"



Ten things you didn't know about Ohio State

Friday, October 29, 2004

10. The ashes of former university board trustee Herbert S. Atkinson are buried in a wall in the university's administration building. A placard marks the spot.

9. The original school colors were orange and black.

8. Veterinary medicine professor James H. Snook was found guilty of murdering his mistress in 1929 with hammer blows to the head and by cutting her jugular vein. He was electrocuted the following year.

7. Graduate Harry Drackett invented Windex, and Roy Plunkett invented Teflon.

6. The Orton Hall chimes can be heard three miles away. The bells, increased in number from 12 to 16 recently, have been ringing every 15 minutes for nearly 90 years.

5. Graduate Melvin DeGroote held 925 patents, second only to Thomas Edison. Most of DeGroote's inventions were chemical demulsifiers used to treat crude oil.

4. The "Buckeye Bullet" is the world's fastest electric vehicle. It holds both the international and national speed records. It is designed, built and managed by a team of engineering students.

3. Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer flunked out after one semester.

2. It claims to be the only major university that still presents actual diplomas to individual graduates at its commencement ceremony.

1. Students pulled a university-wide prank in 1926. Maudine Ormsby was "the only cow ever elected homecoming queen."
This should probobaly be moved, I dunno, since the only thing football related is the color part. Didn't even think before I posted it.
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