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2 time Reigning BuckeyePlanet Poker Champion
I got jumped last night by about 12 fucking germans.. was standing against a wall outside a bar cooling off (german bars dont have AC) when about 3 guys walk up and start talking shit but they were talking it in german at first then one short lil bastard got up in my face... well i talked shit back and he backed down and stood by his buddies again.. then more walk by and start talking to them (i dont speak german so i have no idea what was said) and more and mroe keep grouping till their are about twelve of em, and the little one is still in the back talking shit in limited english now some fucking turk came out of the group pointing a baseball bat at meand kept getting closer he was short pudgy fucker so i walked right towards him and started screaming at him he smacked my hand with the bat and backed into the group again so i stopped and walked a lil farther away (closer to the bar where my buddies were inside) then when im not looking a very tall one runs up and drop kicks me not quite knocking me down and the whole group starts moving around me. figuring im in some shit i reach into my boot and pull out my 8 inch K-BAR (marine recon team knife for those who dont know)that backs em all up a good bit till they give the big one the baseball bat and start moving towards me again at which point it became a screaming contest cuz neither was too quick to move within range of the other one.. thats when two bouncers come outside got between us and i used it as a good time to go get my buddies in the bar, but only one of them was in fighting shape (the other broke his right obital in a rugby game two weeks ago) so we go to the irish pub down the street and get some more rugby guys and a few english guys who just wanted a fight and come back looking for the krauts but they appearantly took off somewhere, couldnt find em, even walked around a couple blocks looking for em, but i had no idea who they were had never seen em before... FUCK.... just pissed me off... annoyed there weren't as many americans as there normally are in that bar otherwise we could have got them right then...

sorry bout the threat just wanted to let that out a lil bit..