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Alamo Bowl Stream of Consciousness Notes from College football news... good read


Semper Fi!
Jul 7, 2004
the burgh
This thing had me pissed off, laughing and other assorted emotions.....

While you can tell he is taking his jabs as often as possible...it is stil a good read.... see if you feel pissed off one sentence, but laughing the next like i did. (he is still a tool)

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Dec. 29
2004<!-- 2004 (C) --> <!-- Ad Format: Pop Under --><!-- Domain(s): collegefootballnews.com --><SCRIPT language=Javascript><!--var d=new Date();var r=(d.getTime()%8673806982)+Math.random();var u=escape(window.location.href);var host=' language=\"Javascript\" src="http://as.casalemedia.com/s?s=';document.write('<scr'+'ipt'+host+'53280&u='+u+'&f=1&id='+r+'"></scr'+'ipt>');//--></SCRIPT><SCRIPT language=Javascript src="http://as.casalemedia.com/s?s=53280&u=http%3A//www.collegefootballnews.com/2004/Bowls/SOC/Alamo%2520Bowl%2520-%2520Oklahoma%2520State%2520vs.%2520Ohio%2520State.htm&f=1&id=3554099810.3310394"></SCRIPT><!-- 2004 (C) -->

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[font=helvetica,arial] [/font]Stream-of-Consciousness Notes
Alamo Bowl - Oklahoma State vs. Ohio State
<HR>By Pete Fiutak | Alamo Bowl Preview | Keys to the Game | 5 Thoughts | Oklahoma State | Ohio State
Welcome again to my pretentious, goofy and self-serving stream-of-consciousness thoughts and notes on the big games, the broadcasts, the ads and the teams for the attention deficit disordered. E-mail me with your own thoughts and notes and what you'd like to see.

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This just got a lot more interesting. With the problems surrounding the Ohio State program and the latest scandal around QB Troy Smith and alleged payments from boosters, the Buckeyes are playing their second straight game with a major cloud hanging over them. Will they be able to play like they did against Michigan, or will the weight of the scandal prove to be too much of a distraction? Oklahoma State is a tough team with the running game to take the fight out of Ohio State early, so it’ll be interesting to see how this plays out if the Cowboys play well right away.

First Quarter <?XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = O /><O:P></O:P>

What a smart looking pant suit on the overrated Jill Arrington. Only Teri Hatcher lost her fastball in more of a hurry. … Oklahoma State on its own 20 …Everyone is expecting a run to OkSt should come out throwing. … Yup, a nice safe pass to get Donovan Woods on track early. … Woods scrambled for the first down. The OSU linebackers can’t let that happen any more. … Oops. Woods made a great playfake and failed to execute the throw failing to see Bobby Carpenter. It was a nice interception showing Carpenter’s athleticism. … OkSt wins by not turning the ball over. It could be major trouble is the defense doesn’t come through. … Kirk Herbstreit is so excited that he sounds like he’s about to have an accident. … Ohio State on the OkSt 29 … Talk about your confidence boosts, Justin Zwick came up with a nice first throw, and then he hit a wide-open Anthony Gonzalez for a touchdown. Gonzalez is going to be a really good one. OSU couldn’t have dreamed this up any better. … And there it is. Herbstreit just soiled himself. … Ohio State 7 … Oklahoma State 0 … I’ve just been introduced to a new drink that has changed my life. My sister-in-law got me a caramel apple latte from Starbucks. This is so good I think I’m going to weep. … This latte: $3.50. Braces needed for the teeth of MasterCard chairman Randy Norris as he’s giving his blurb about the Alamo Bowl: $2,200. Getting his head to stop bobbing: Priceless. … Oklahoma State on its own 20 … Uh oh. OkSt’s first real run got stuffed for –4 yards. This has the potential to be brutally ugly if the Cowboy running game doesn’t work. … Three and out. Ted Ginn Jr. can end this now. … Cole Farden whiffed kicking it 17 yards. Oh dear lord. … Ohio State on the OkSt 41 … Call me nuts, but the pass interference call on the deep ball to Ginn wasn’t that obvious. It looked like defense pass coverage considering there’s no face guarding in college football. … This should be fun. Zwick pulled his hamstring meaning Ginn will take over at quarterback. This game just got a whole bunch more interesting. … No, you can’t burn Todd Boeckman’s redshirt. The Alamo Bowl isn’t that important. … Nugent nailed the field goal. What a shock. … Ohio State 10 … Oklahoma State 0 … I hate to admit it, but this Taco Bell ad is right on the money. I defy anyone to eat one of the grilled stuft burritos and not yell out, “I’m full”. … I’d like to officially declare myself totally and completely uninterested in seeing the Alamo. I’d rather hear Randy Norris talk more about MasterCard’s involvement in the Alamo Bowl. … There’s no truth to the rumor that an OSU booster is out in the lobby purchasing a backup quarterback. … Oklahoma State on its own 20 … WOW. Simon Fraser just erased Vernand Morency on the option. The option doesn’t work against great linebackers. OSU just so happens to have great linebackers. … It has become obvious OkSt has no prayer early in this game. The Buckeyes are locked on to Morency while the Cowboys are only moving the ball on QB runs. … Oh come on. Woods dropped the ball turning it over for the second time in the first ten minutes. Thank you very much, good night. … Ohio State on the OkSt 49 … Zwick is back. Welcome to 56 straight handoffs after OSU tries to bomb away capitalizing on the turnover. … Arrington might be overrated, but I like hearing her say the words hamstring pull. … The Oklahoma State defense has decided to take the game off. … Zwick can’t go. He crumpled after the second play. … Of course I don’t want Zwick to be hurt, but I want to watch Ginn play QB. … Zwick is back in. Tressel might instruct the offense to start taking a knee to shorten this up. … I’ll say it; it’s hard to watch the OSU players without thinking about how much coin each has received. … OkSt’s defense isn’t making many plays, but it’s hitting with some pop. … They’re not going to let Ginn throw it. Nugent could hit ten field goals in this. … Nugent is automatic. … Ohio State 13 … Oklahoma State 0 … I want the David Spade Capital One ad job of answering the phone and saying no all day. I don’t know how that could get old. … Oklahoma State on its own 10 …Tirico, Herbstreit and Corso are already in blowout banter. … Nugent has a cannon. He’ll have the longest NFL career of anyone in this game. … OkSt is playing a dumb game. It just got nailed for a personal foul penalty. … Morency might not hit 40 yards. The OSU linebackers are eating his lunch. … Tirico called OkSt a rebuilding program. Three straight winning seasons and a Cotton Bowl appearance sort of makes it built. … Woods threw a great pass for a first down. He’s not settled, but he was able to get the offense out of trouble. … The announcers are making excuses for why Woods can’t throw. … It took me all year but I finally got it: Jill Arrington is Greg Allman without the facial hair. … And there goes that drive. The OkSt offense doesn’t appear to be close. … Ohio State on its own 43 …OkSt has to come up with a big defensive play either on a turnover or a sack. Zwick can’t move but he’s not getting pressured. … There we go Cowboys. The D finally made a play stuffing Lydell Ross on third and one. … Tressel will never do it, but OSU should think about going for it. The O line has done a great job and the ball is on the OkSt side of the field. … Oklahoma State on its own 13 … Morency finally got a hole and tore through it. He’s nuts not to leave now for the NFL with his speed and burst. He also shows fantastic patience setting up his blocks. … This wasn’t a good first quarter unless you’re a Buckeye fan. Oklahoma State had better score on this drive to make this interesting.
First Quarter Score: Ohio State 13 … Oklahoma State 0
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Oklahoma State has gone back to pounding away with its running game. It’s moving the ball, but it isn’t pretty. … This drive needs to last for no other reason than to give the D some rest. … D’Juan Woods appears to have some sort of chip on his shoulder. There must be some woofing going on. … OkSt threw it three straight times and the drive died. … Finally OkSt kicked it to Ginn and covered him. … Ohio State on its own 23 … Finally, OkSt has OSU in lousy field position. It has to turn around the field position battle now. … Welcome to the Branden Joe show. Zwick is playing, but he isn’t being asked to do much. … Corso and Herbstreit are talking about 2005 Ohio State like none of the off-the-field stuff has happened. This could be uglier than anyone will want to admit. … Zwick is doing a great job of marching the Buckeyes out of danger. He’s really gutting it out. … Holy crap. Ginn was cornered by five Cowboys and he skipped out of danger and ripped across the field for a huge gain in what will be the signature play in this dog of a bowl. … I don’t want to hear how there’s no place in the NFL for someone like Ginn. … Joe pounded it down to the one. OkSt’s heart has been ripped out. … On third and goal fro the one, the OkSt defender had Lydell Ross stopped in the backfield and couldn’t make the tackle. …. Ohio State 20 … Oklahoma State 0 … 10:26 to play in the second quarter. Please Oklahoma State, show up and start playing. This is an embarrassment. … Oklahoma State on its own 20 … Another three and out. If you haven’t turned the channel by now, you’re really bored. … Ohio State on its own 42 … The Cowboy defense still can’t come up with a stop. Ohio State’s line is dominating. The Cowboys are looking totally outclassed. … What happened to the Zwick hamstring injury? He sure looked great now. 9-12 for 122 yards and a touchdown. … Here’s what I don’t get; obviously OSU is going to run when Ginn is at quarterback, but OkSt doesn’t appear prepared to stop the run. … Yippee! OkSt got a stop! Oh yeah, OSU has Nugent. … Down … the … pipe. … Ohio State 23 … Oklahoma State 0 … Welcome to OkState’s night. It finally gets a kickoff return and is stuffed. … Oklahoma State on its own 15 … O.K. What can the Cowboys do now? First of all, it has to get Morency going. One of college football’s best backs has to be used. … OkSt almost had the spark it needed. Woods had his brother, Woods, open for a bomb of a touchdown but overshot him. … First downs are now looking like gold. If OkSt can somehow get a field goal off this drive, it might make the second half worth watching. … The announcers went into the Ohio State scandal discussion to get it in before the end of the half when everyone will turn this game loss. They’re ignoring a fantastic OkSt drive. … Third and six on the OSU 24. This is the play of the game. … Simon Fraser came within an eyelash of a sack and ruining the drive. … That was hilarious. OkSt missed the 42-yard field goal wide right and Corso let out a “arrrrrrgh.” … Ohio State on its own 25 … The Buckeyes aren’t going to do anything interesting here happy to take the 23-0 lead into the lockerroom.
Second Quarter Score: Ohio State 23 … Oklahoma State 0

Third Quarter
Ohio State on its own 25
…There’s the break Oklahoma State needed. Branden Joe was down, but the ball squirted loose and Oklahoma State recovered. Now this has to turn into a touchdown and not just a field goal. … Oklahoma State on the OSU 33 … Morency looks faster than the OSU defenders but there are always three or four players around him. … OkSt didn’t get the first down and it’s fourth and two. It’d be a 42-yard field goal attempt, so that won’t work. … Prentiss Elliott ripped off a 16-yard sweep and there should’ve been a late hit tacked on. There’s life in this game yet. …. I don’t get this. OkSt threw a fade on first and goal. If you’re a running team, you run it. … Ugh. The Cowboys got nailed with too many men in the huddle. They’re not playing well enough to keep shooting themselves in the foot like this. … FANTASTIC play by Dustin Fox. OkSt had perfectly executed a pass play that looked like a sure touchdown, but Fox made a great open field tackle. … Third and goal and Woods should’ve been nailed with intentional grounding. These were horrible play calls. … It’s fourth and long, but OkSt has to go for a touchdown and not the field goal. … I don’t get this at all. OkSt tried the fake field goal and it got stopped easily. Why would you take the ball out of the hands of the offense on such an important play? … Ohio State on its own 5 …The OSU offense won’t do it, but it should air it out. Send Ginn on a fly pattern and hang it up. … The Buckeye O line is blowing OkSt off the ball and Lydell Ross is ripping off huge runs. This team is playing really, really well. … Is there anything more exciting in college football than when Ginn cuts back across the open field? … This is how you respond to a close call. Oklahoma State had a chance to get back in the game, and Ohio State is putting it away on this drive. … Unbelievable. Ginn was at quarterback and OkSt was dropping people back in coverage. Ginn had an opening and ran in untouched. Thank you very much. Good night. … Ohio State 30 … Oklahoma State 0

Here’s the deal. If anything interesting happens in the second half, I’ll come back in. But this sucker is over. I’ll be back throughout the bowl season with, hopefully, better games.