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About Glenville recruits and Bucknuts

Discussion in 'Misc Archives' started by MistriBuck, Dec 22, 2004.

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  1. MistriBuck

    MistriBuck aka MartyrBuck

    if this is the wrong forum for this, i apologize

    my god, i've been a long-time bucknuts poster, and haven't quite made the transition over here, but am moving slowly towards it........a lot of you probably don't recognize me, but some of you know me as a long-time poster over there............anyway, i think i finally blew a gasket and will find myself participating in discussions over here quite a bit more often, while only lurking over doubt it is a circus and the information that gets tossed around, and the debates that take place are a joke

    anyway, my reason for this post is not to just bitch about BN, but to get your opinions on this topic that came up in a Lenix thread about Glenville recruits taking all of their visits, and the supposed theory as to why they do this, and what Ginn Sr.'s motives are in having his kids take these visits........there has been a "theory" tossed around about kids visiting other places to garner exposure for the lesser known recruits

    well, while i understand this theory, and feel there may be an ever so slight degree of validity to it, i personally think based on the conclusions i've drawn in researching each high profile OSU recruits' visits, and comments, as well the offers to the lesser known recruits and their visits, as well as Ginn Sr.'s comments that it makes MUCH more sense that he simply encourages his kids to take all of their visits and weigh all of their options, as opposed to this being some mastermind plan to get exposure for other me this just seems like an example of bucknuts posters twisting information around to fit their twisted little fantasy world, but maybe i'm wrong, i wonder what everyone else's take is???

    anyway, this dude, EdgewoodBuck (do not know if this is EdgeBuck over here???) on BN posts in this thread about Ginn Sr.'s "plan" and talks about it like it is gospel, rather than a theory, and patronizes me for not "understanding this simple concept"..........he is arrogant enough to ensenuate that all the OSU Glenville recruits have been OSU bound since day one and ONLY take their visits for this sole purpose.......he even went as far as to ensenuate that Ginn Sr. has told Lenix what to say about who his leader is!!! response started off simple, to paraphrase: "i've heard this theory but when did it became a universal truth?", and when he started patronizing me i lost it and started researching this to prove my point........i piled up a mountain of evidence to present my case, and not surprisingly it was answered with very simple minded responses like "everyone knows this is true" and "it's common sense", with no substance

    anyway, i was curious what the more logical, level-headed, reality based posters on BP think about this subject and this "theory"......FWIW NOBODY on BN offered any objective opinion on the subject, god what a waste of time!!......if you care to look at the actual post and the evidence i presented here is the premium thread from yesterday...........below that is a recruiting board thread where not only does he continues with the same stance and attitude towards this, but some other tool chimes in with his distorted is going on over there?.......i also gave my $.02 and some more "evidence" on this thread

    the first thread is a lot to wade through if you don't care to, but i still look forward to your opinions, or even FACTS about this subject
  2. MililaniBuckeye

    MililaniBuckeye The satanic soulless freight train that is Ohio St Staff Member Tech Admin

    I think it is a combination of both. Having recruits "make their recruiting rounds" does indeed give added exposure to the Glenville program as an entity, and thus gives exposure to other Glenville players who otherwise wouldn't receive any, or only very little, exposure. I also think Ginn wants his kids to see what else is out there, for two reasons: 1.) to show just how good Ohio State really is compared to other programs, and 2.) give those kids a much better chance at landing an offer if they decide not to go to Ohio State.
  3. Alan

    Alan Banned

    all i will say is speaking with these young men recently i have asked them all a question along the lines of :"what do you enjoy about the recruiting process and what is a real pain..."

    all answer that the trips are great and that the late night hounding is horrible....

    i cant speak for mr.ginn sr's motives but most of the fathers, coaches and advisors i speak with all suggest taking the trips and to have some fun....and know you are making the right decision...

    dont know if that helps or not...

    but, why wouldnt they take the trips...
  4. man what id do for a trip to socal or fl (looks out the window and sees 17 feet of snow) yeah thatd be nice if they were all expenses paid too.
  5. scUM Buster

    scUM Buster kick some ass

    hmmmm....o.k. First of all, most of us aren't Premium subscribers and thus won't be able to read your first link. I say that because I hope that there was some mild simmering going back and forth dealing with the issue in that link.....because in the second link (the only one I can read), you start out with an explosion. I didn't even read past your first two or three sentences in you post. Whatever bickering followed was as a result to your approach. Every post is an opinion...some are supported by facts. When I started reading the thread, there were some opinions posted (now there was the statements that Glenville recruits never state who's in the lead...which could easily be proven wrong by showing a biggie), and then you posted that they are WRONG and started going off on them. Like I said, I didn't read on to see what bitching went back and forth, but you'd probably get some hostile reactions here as well by saying somebody's opinion on something like this subject is WRONG.
    My opinion on the subject....every recruit is an individual first and foremost. They all have their own's their own future that we're talking about. Sure, Ginn Sr. has influence over these guys and will give advice to them, but so are their parents, friends, etc... Welcome to the Planet.
    Last edited: Dec 22, 2004
  6. MistriBuck

    MistriBuck aka MartyrBuck

    Alan, thx for your insight, that definitely helps, and adds to my stance that it is MORE about just taking the trips, having fun, seeing other parts of the country, making sure you're making the right decision, etc., and much LESS about exposing other recruits to these schools

    and to Mili, while i'm sure that element is present in the process, i think if there is more to it than the recruits simply taking the visits and weighing their options, if anything it may be about building ties with these programs by showing the respect of following through with visits, etc........for example Ginn Jr. visited Pitt last year, and 2 current Glenville recruits have Pitt offers, and Hearns signed with them from '03...............but i find it doubtul that it is about "exposing other recruits"........i think that process takes place before the visits, when coaches visit the H.S. to see games, and the various times they talk to Ginn Sr.........i just feel it is comical, and almost maddening to me that these guys turned this "theory" into some mastermind plan by Ginn, and talk about it like it's a fact........if you were to read through (or were able to) what i posted regarding the subject you would see that a lot of the lesser recruits have signed with Akron, and seniors on the team now have no offers from the schools the other recruits have visited, such as Iowa,MSU,Wisconsin,ND,Michigan,USC,WVU, etc., and you would think a guy like Curtis Terry, if he were getting all of the "exposure" and was worthy of an OSU offer would have gotten more offers

    as mentioned in another glenville thread that i responded to, they are on the map now, and these recruiters know about them, and will spend enough time at Glenville and talking to Ginn Sr., that i can't imagine holding off on commitments and taking all of your visits for the purpose of gaining additional exposure would really accomplish anything in THIS REGARD
  7. Folanator

    Folanator Brawndo's got electrolytes...

    Here are my trips.

    -USC Santa Barbra
    -University Of Hawaii
    -The U. Y? Because I am a solgaaaaa
    -LSU (cause Southern woman are hot)

    Then I would announce on Lemmings show that I am going to TOSU.....then I woke up.

    BN is amusing but it sucks ass as far as new information goes. There are some good posters but even Kern has gone off to the dark side a bit rescently. I post over there but it mostly to point out the stupidity of some of those fucking morons. I learn FAR more over here.

    I will say that there has been an influx of new posters to BP that bring some of their mindless "gut feelings" that drive me up a wall. I want DH back to rip someones entrails out and throw them on the floor and piss all over them.
    Last edited: Dec 22, 2004
  8. MistriBuck

    MistriBuck aka MartyrBuck

    i appreciate your viewpoint on that.......a few things.....definitely atleast mild simmering and more importantly on his part, bonheadedness which caused me to unleash some wrath on this second link........secondly and most importantly, i wasn't stating that their OPINIONS were WRONG, they both made statements as if they were FACTS (glenville recruits have always done this or that, and have never done this).......thirdly now that i read your edit, i actually only went OFF on the Edgewood guy that rubbed me wrong yesterday, i only pointed out that the other guy was wrong, and he happened to be a victim of some of my wrath toward the other guy in me stating he was WRONG.........i presented specific facts to back up my was simply accumulated frustration from arguing with this tool for a whole day yesterday with no substance behind his statements only to see him continue his same "theory and hearsay as fact" approach on a new thread with a backhanded comment aimed at our previous discussion, not only that but some other guy was echoing the same thing..........the root of the bickering was certainly not my jumping down their throat and saying their opinion was wrong, that came later

    about the premium stuff, i doubt anyone wants me to flood this thread with that stuff, so i linked it, but i can post some of the highlights that i posted to support my stance on this theory if anyone cares for me to for the purpose of discussing this "theory", not to referee my bickering with this poster
    Last edited: Dec 22, 2004
  9. osugrad21

    osugrad21 Capo Regime Staff Member

    Hmmm...I'd take

    --ND--just to get their hopes up
    --NCSt--hope for a Tiki Girl as my hostess
    --USC--SO I'd feel like I'm #1 for awhile
    --Texas--Sears says the women are phenomenal
    --Auburn--just to pick up some spending $$
  10. scUM Buster

    scUM Buster kick some ass

    I'd be like one of my favorite all time movies "Johnny Be Good" and take as many damn trips as I could get away with. I would definitely visit USC, Miami, Hawaii, Texas...then commit to tOSU.
  11. Alan

    Alan Banned

    COLORADO (2nd only to tejas with ladies)
  12. scUM Buster

    scUM Buster kick some ass

    I'd just like to say that my edit came before your post:biggrin: However, I also realize that you were probably in the process of typing and didn't get to read my edit. I understand your point. All I was getting at was that you were obviously pissed from the get-go in the second thread....yeah, you proved their statement wrong, but showed a lot of hostility doing it. I wondered if it was built up to that in the first thread.
  13. EdgeBuck

    EdgeBuck Glass Half Full Buck

    You got some amazing hostility bro. I know alot of people on these boards and they can attest that i'm not arrogant or anything of the sort, sometimes people get frustrated and sometimes intent can't be seen online. The Glenville "master plan" as it was jokingly referred to was told to me by Gary as just something Ginn SR. tells them if they want to commit. They are told to wait and take the visits to expose their other teammates and to get more contact with other coaches. I never said it works everytime. I do like how big your nuts are man, coming over here and running your mouth some more on the internet because someone disagrees with you.

    I'll tell you that i've been on these boards for a long fucking time and people like Grad and Miliani can speak that i'm not some arrogant tool like you want to make me out to be. I'm not gonna waste my time on someone that makes such a big fucking drama out of internet message boards, you obviously have an enormous ego. You claim your "logic" and your "mountains of evidence" proved me wrong. How so? You are just an angry fool on the internet foaming at the mouth because someone disagrees with you. You surely aren't some logical mastermind like you want to act like.
  14. scUM Buster

    scUM Buster kick some ass

    awww's ON now:slappy: :slappy:
  15. EdgeBuck

    EdgeBuck Glass Half Full Buck

    Miliani in his thread said exactly what I said about Ginn Sr and I promise the guy won't admit it. Glenville kids even if they think they want to commit to OSU are told by Ginn to not commit because of the EXACT reasons Miliani said above.

    You act like it's some master plan that is written on paper and easily proved, it's not. It's word of mouth and using common fucking sense. Gary talks to those kids all the time and he talks with Ted Ginn Sr. Is it really hard to imagine that a coach would tell his kids to hold off committing because it doesn't serve much purpose? That's not hard to realize.

    The funniest things about your threads are the players you use as evidence that Glenville kids aren't always OSU locks always turn out to be Ohio State Buckeyes. You even use Troy Smith and how he said West Viriginia was the leader after visit. Isn't that what people have been trying to tell you? That these kids tell the media exactly what they want to hear and they don't string along other programs, but they make sure it's known they have interest.
    Jamario O'neal isn't from Glenville, so you might want to get your "mountains of evidence" right before you use him as someone that supports your claim. He commited when he was at Mansfield.
    Down the line I can bring up every Glenville player and we can go round and round about who was their leader at any given time, it really didn't matter. They were OSU locks the whole friggin time. Why do you think Gary and Duane and everyone else was so sure on Ted Ginn? Or Jamario sticking when he was said to be wanting to take visits? Possibly because they know what Ted Ginn has? Or maybe you still won't admit that it might be about spreading exposure for the high school and the kids themselves getting backup plans.
    Last edited: Dec 22, 2004
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